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Journal title Find It ISSN Info
American Architect and Building News FindIt@UGA   Info
I + A: Investigación + Acción FindIt@UGA 1850-1117 Info
A I B Insights FindIt@UGA 1938-9590 Info
I.C.I.R.I. bulletin FindIt@UGA 1945-8630 Info
I/C Revista científica de información y comunicación FindIt@UGA 1696-2508 Info
I D FindIt@UGA 0894-5373 Info
I.D.E. Occasional Papers Series FindIt@UGA 0537-9202 Info
I & EC product research and development FindIt@UGA 0536-1079 Info
i - Independent Print Ltd FindIt@UGA   Info
I Kathimerini FindIt@UGA   Info
I-MAG FindIt@UGA 0808-1794 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Circuits & Systems FindIt@UGA 2321-7502 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Civil Engineering FindIt@UGA 2231-1068 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Communication Engineering and Systems FindIt@UGA 2277-5102 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Computer Science FindIt@UGA 2347-2227 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Digital Signal Processing FindIt@UGA 2321-7480 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Educational Psychology FindIt@UGA 0973-8827 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Electronics Engineering FindIt@UGA 2229-7286 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Embedded Systems FindIt@UGA 2278-7895 Info
i-Manager's Journal on English Language Teaching FindIt@UGA 2231-3338 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Information Technology FindIt@UGA 2277-5110 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Instrumentation & Control Engineering FindIt@UGA 2321-113X Info
i-Manager's Journal on Material Science FindIt@UGA 2347-2235 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Mathematics FindIt@UGA 2277-5129 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Mechanical Engineering FindIt@UGA 2230-9055 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Power Systems Engineering FindIt@UGA 2321-7499 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Software Engineering FindIt@UGA 0973-5151 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Structural Engineering FindIt@UGA 2278-7887 Info
i-Manager's Journal on Wireless Communication Networks FindIt@UGA 2319-4839 Info
I.O.L.T.A. update FindIt@UGA 1073-3043 Info
i-Perception FindIt@UGA 2041-6695 Info
I&PN Investment and Pensions Nederland FindIt@UGA   Info
I/S: A Journal of Law and Policy for the Information Society FindIt@UGA   Info
I.T. Magazine FindIt@UGA 1196-4715 Info
I Tatti studies FindIt@UGA 0393-5949 Info
i: The Paper For Today FindIt@UGA   Info
I-ways FindIt@UGA 1084-4678 Info
I world FindIt@UGA 1139-0859 Info
I4d : Information for Development FindIt@UGA 0972-804X Info
IA Attorney General Opinions FindIt@UGA   Info
IA District Court, State Board of Tax Review, & Department of Finance Tax Decisions FindIt@UGA   Info
IA Federal District Courts FindIt@UGA   Info
IA Grozny-Inform FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa Administrative Bulletin FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa Administrative Code FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa Administrative Code and Iowa Administrative Bulletin FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa Advance Legislative Service FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa Court Rules - Selected Criminal Material FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - Iowa State & Federal Court Rules FindIt@UGA   Info
IA - LexisNexis Iowa Annotated Constitution FindIt@UGA   Info
Title starts with: Showing page 1 of 132 pages.
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