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Journal title Find It ISSN Info
1-800 FLOWERS.COM, Inc. SWOT Analysis FindIt@UGA   Info
10 Speed FindIt@UGA   Info
100 Calorie Snack Case Study: Post Recessionary Opportunities for Calorie Conscious Snacking FindIt@UGA   Info
100% Exclusif (French Language) FindIt@UGA   Info
100 GPO Years 1861-1961: A History of United States Public Printing FindIt@UGA   Info
10x FindIt@UGA 1088-2766 Info
11th International Conference on Finance & Banking: Future of the European Monetary Integration FindIt@UGA   Info
12th International Conference on Finance & Banking: Structural & Regional Impacts of Financial Crises FindIt@UGA   Info
13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Abolition of Slavery (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
14-19 skills bulletin FindIt@UGA 1752-2560 Info
14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Civil Rights (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
14th century English mystics newsletter FindIt@UGA 0737-5840 Info
15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Voting Rights (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
16:9 : a Danish Journal of Film Studies FindIt@UGA 1603-5194 Info
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue FindIt@UGA   Info
1611 : Revista de Historia de la Traducción FindIt@UGA 1988-2963 Info
16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Federal Income Tax (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Direct Election of U.S. Senators (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
1895 FindIt@UGA 0769-0959 Info
19 FindIt@UGA 1755-1560 Info
1921 Supplement to Federal Income Tax. War-Profits and Excess-Profits Taxes: Including Stamp Taxes, Capital Stock Tax FindIt@UGA   Info
1925 United States Income and War Tax Guide. Based on Revenue Act of 1924, and Regulations, Rulings and Decisions up to 1925 FindIt@UGA   Info
1960 Amendments to the Menominee Indian Termination Act of 1954 FindIt@UGA   Info
1999 Report on Cyberstalking: A New Challenge for Law Enforcement & Industry FindIt@UGA   Info
19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Women's Right to Vote (NARA) FindIt@UGA   Info
19th-century music FindIt@UGA 0148-2076 Info
1st Colonial Bancorp, Inc. SWOT Analysis FindIt@UGA   Info
2.5-3G FindIt@UGA   Info
2 Political Junkies FindIt@UGA   Info
Les 2 Rives (French Language) FindIt@UGA   Info
20/20 FindIt@UGA 0192-1304 Info
20/20's visionMonday FindIt@UGA 0891-1770 Info
20 Minutes (French Language) FindIt@UGA 1632-1022 Info
20 rising stars. Mutual funds FindIt@UGA 2150-6922 Info
20-Something FindIt@UGA   Info
200 Notable Days: Senate Stories, 1787 to 2002 FindIt@UGA   Info
Les 200 premiers groupes FindIt@UGA 1143-1849 Info
2002 Media Guide to Disarmament in Geneva FindIt@UGA   Info
2008 Emergency Response Guidebook: A Guidebook for First Responders during the Initial Phase of a Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Transportation Incident FindIt@UGA   Info
2008Central.net FindIt@UGA   Info
2009 Medline FindIt@UGA   Info
2010 Medline FindIt@UGA   Info
2010 Winter Olympics FindIt@UGA   Info
2011 Medline FindIt@UGA   Info
2012 Medline FindIt@UGA   Info
2013 Medline FindIt@UGA   Info
2014 CAGNY Conference Preparation FindIt@UGA   Info
20Minutes.fr (French Language) FindIt@UGA   Info
21c FindIt@UGA   Info
21cbh.com (Chinese Language - Simplified) FindIt@UGA   Info
Title starts with: Showing page 1 of 3 pages.
1-80 - 21cb * 21cb - 411 * 411 - 9th

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