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U Belogo morya
U.C. Davis Journal of International Law & Policy
U.C. Davis journal of international law & policy [1080-6687]
U.C. Davis law review [0197-4564]
U & lc [0362-6245]
U.S. African Eye
U.S. Air Force Biographies
U.S. Army Medical Department journal [1524-0436]
The U.S. Automobile Manufacturing Industry
U.S. Automobile Manufacturing Industry
The U.S. Automobile Manufacturing Industry ( Policy Papers )
U.S. Biodiesel Development: New Markets for Conventional and Genetically Modified Agricultural Products
U.S. Board of Veterans Appeals
U.S. Budget
U.S. Catholic [0041-7548]
U.S. Coast Guard Biographies
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Bulletins & Decisions
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Rulings, Bulletins & Decisions
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Rulings - HQ and NY Series
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Rulings - HQ Series
U.S. Customs & Border Protection Rulings - NY Series
U.S. Department of Agricultural Research
U.S. Department of Agriculture Reports
U.S. Department of Agriculture Trade Leads
U.S. Department of Defense Information / FIND
U.S. distribution journal [0897-1315]
U.S. Electronic Media and Entertainment
U.S. Executive Compensation Database - Boards & Committees
U.S. Executive Compensation Database - Executive Biographies
U.S. Food & Drug Administration Documents
U.S. Food & Drug Administration Documents / FIND
U.S. Global Positioning System Policy Fact Sheet
U.S. Health & Human Services Documents
U.S. industrial outlook [0083-1344]
U.S. Iran relations: Normalization in the future
U.S. ITC Update
U.S. Joint global ocean flux study news
U.S. kids [0895-9471]
U.S. mayor [1049-2119]
U.S. medicine [0191-6246]
U.S.-Mexico legal review
U.S. Military Intervention and the Role of Nonlethal Weapons
U.S. News & World Report [0041-5537]
U.S. News & World Report Special Issues
U.S. Newswire
U.S. pharmacist [0148-4818]
U.S. Policy on Humanitarian Intervention Operations and the Role of the Reserve Component
U.S. Policy Toward an Emerging Iran: A Need for Change
U.S. Public Health Service Recommendations For Human Immunodeficiency Virus Counseling And Voluntary Testing For Pregnant Women
U.S. rail news [0275-3758]
U.S.S.R. computational mathematics and mathematical physics [0041-5553]
U.S. stamp news [1082-9423]
U.S. Stellarator Review Report
U.S. Supreme Court Briefs
U.S. Supreme Court Cases, Lawyers' Edition
U.S. Trade Balance: An Analysis of Recent Trends and Policy Options
U.S. Treaties in Force
U.S. Treaties on LEXIS
U.V.V. info [0774-1359]
The UAE business forecast report [1744-8859]
UAE Company News Bites - Market Report
UAE Company News Bites - Results
UAE Company News Bites - Sector Report
UAE Company News Bites - Stock Report
UAE Government News
UAE quarterly forecast report [1470-7373]
The UB Post
UBC bulletin, The / Union of Baltic Cities [1506-6266]
Überwachung von Lebensmitteln, kosmetischen Mitteln, Bedarfsgegenständen, Trinkwasser und Futtermittel (Formerly: Überwachung von Lebensmitteln, Bedarfsgegenständen und Kosmetika)
UBIQUE [0049-500X]
Ubiquity - Association for Computing Machinery [1530-2180]
UBO skrifter [1890-3614]
Üç aylık bülten [1300-4565]
UC Davis business law journal
UC Davis journal of juvenile law and policy [1942-6712]
UC Maule [0717-2656]
UC mexus news [0745-340X]
UC publications in entomology [0668-6417]
UC&R Newsletter
UCAR newsletter [0273-0707]
UCC library news [1393-3159]
Uchet, nalogi, pravo
Uchitelskaya gazeta
UCL Practitioner
The UCL Practitioner ( Newstex Blogs )
UCLA entertainment law review [1073-2896]
UCLA journal of environmental law & policy [0733-401X]
UCLA journal of international law and foreign affairs [1089-2605]
UCLA journal of Islamic and Near Eastern law [1536-5107]
UCLA journal of law and technology [1943-1716]
UCLA law review [0041-5650]
UCLA Pacific Basin law journal [0884-0768]
UCLA women's law journal [1068-9893]
UCLA Working Papers in Linguistics
UCLA working papers in phonetics [1067-9030]
Udaya [1683-7274]
Udmurtskaya pravda
Ufahamu [0041-5715]
UFAW news-sheet [0566-8700]
Ufimskaya nedelya
Ufimskie vedomosti
Ufimskij meridian
Ufimskoe vremya, Ufa (Russian Language)
UFZ-Bericht [0948-9452]
Ugdymas. Kūno kultūra. Sportas [1392-5644]
Ugebrev [1398-1285]
Ugebrevet A4 [1602-1630]
Ugly Betty News ( Newstex Blogs )
Ugolʹ [0041-5790]
Ugreshskie Vesti (Dzerzhinskii, Russian Language)
UIC Research Journal [1656-0604]
UIC Today
UICC eNews
UIMC: Conference On Ubiquitous Information Management And Communication
UIST: Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology
Uitkomsten van de Belgische Zeevisserij
Uitspraken Studiefinanciering [1389-4552]
Uitspraken van den Raad voor de Scheepvaart en uitspraken in beroep van den voorzitter van dien raad [0921-7479]
Új Élet Online: A Magyarországi Hitközségek Lapja [1418-1673]
Új ember [0133-1205]
Új Exodus: Teológiai és Hitéleti Folióriat [0865-6231]
UK Cases, Combined Courts
UK Disclosure
UK Economic Accounts [1350-4401]
UK Electronic Media and Entertainment
UK energy sector indicators
UK Gas Report
UK gas report [1352-7924]
UK: Medium-Term Political Outlook
UK Nationals
UK NewsQuest Regional Press
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Bradford
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Brighton and Hove
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Buckinghamshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Cheshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Dorset
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Eastbourne
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Essex
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Gwent
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Hampshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Herefordshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Hertfordshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Lancashire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Local London
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Ludlow
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Mid Sussex
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Oxfordshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Ryedale
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Stratford-Upon-Avon
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is The Black Country
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is The Cotswold
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is The Lake District
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is The North East
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is The West Country
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Trafford
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Wiltshire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Wirral
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Worcestershire
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is Worthing
UK Newsquest Regional Press - This is York
UK Nonlinear News
UK . The Official Yearbook of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UK trade bulletin imports & exports of fish & fish products [0963-9446]
UK Trade Trends
UK venture capital journal [0265-8364]
UK vet. Companion animal [1464-4630]
UK Vet Livestock [1464-262X]
UK Weekly Brief
UKEN. United Kingdom environment news [1368-924X]
Ūkio technologinis ir ekonominis vystymas [1392-8619]
UkrAgroConsult (Ukraine)
Ukraine and CIS: Construction and Real Estate Daily News
Ukraine and CIS: Energy Daily News (Russian Language)
Ukraine and CIS: Transportation Daily News
Ukraine Business Daily
Ukraine business report [1096-3146]
Ukraine Business Report Daily
Ukraine Business Report Weekly
Ukraine Business Weekly
Ukraine Company News Bites - Market Report
Ukraine Company News Bites - Results
Ukraine Company News Bites - Sector Report
Ukraine Company News Bites - Stock Report
Ukraine General Newswire
Ukraine News
Ukrainian Banks and Broker Reports
Ukrainian Banks and Brokers Reports
Ukrainian Business Association News
Ukrainian Business Portal
Ukrainian Central Bank News
Ukrainian Economic Statistics
Ukrainian Export-Import Statistics
Ukrainian Export-Import Statistics
Ukrainian Government News
Ukrainian journal of physical optics [1609-1833]
Ukrainian journal of physics = Ukraïns'kyj fizyčnyj žurnal [2071-0186]
Ukrainian mathematical journal [0041-5995]
Ukrainian National News Agency
Ukrainian National News Agency
The Ukrainian news [1054-9072]
Ukrainian News (Russian Language)
Ukrainian Stock Exchange News
The Ukrainian weekly [0273-9348]
Ukrainica bioorganica acta [1814-9758]
Ukrainskaya Pravda
Ukrainskaya Pravda
Ukrainskiĭ matematicheskiĭ zhurnal [0041-6053]
Ukraïnsʹkij hìmìoterapevtičnij žurnal [1562-1162]
Ukrinform Nachrichten (German Language)
Ukrinform: Noticias de Ucrania - Economía, Negocios, Finanzas (Spanish Language)
Ulam quarterly [1071-7021]
Ulbra e Movimento [2178-4515]
Ulcers [2090-1526]
Ulk: Illustriertes Wochenblatt für Humor und Satire
Ulmer & Berne Business & Tax Law Letter
Ulmer & Berne Employment Law Alert
Ulmer & Berne Employment Law Letter
Ulmer & Berne Tort & Insurance Law Letter
The ULS report
Ulster County Press (Stone Ridge, NY)
Ulster medical journal [0041-6193]
Ulster Star
Ulster star [1358-7722]
Ultima década [0717-4691]
The Ultimate Accountants' Reference: Including GAAP, IRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More (formerly Accounting Reference Desktop)
Ultimate Accountants' Reference: Including GAAP, IRS & SEC Regulations, Leases, and More (formerly Accounting Reference Desktop)
Ultimate Home Plan Collection [1553-2828]
Ultramicroscopy [0304-3991]
Ultrasonics [0041-624X]
Ultrasonics sonochemistry [1350-4177]
Ultrasound Anesthesia Journal [2281-8499]
Ultrasound in medicine & biology [0301-5629]
Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology [0960-7692]
Ultrasound review of obstetrics and gynecology [1472-2240]
Ultrastructural pathology [0191-3123]
Uludağ arıcılık dergisi [1303-0248]
Uludag Üniversitesi İlahiyat Dergisi
Uludağ Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi [1301-3394]
Uludağ University Journal of The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture [1301-3408]
Uludağ University Journal of The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture [1301-3438]
Ulusal cerrahi dergisi [1300-0705]
Ulusal travma ve acil cerrahi dergisi [1306-696X]
Uluslararası hematologi-onkoloji dergisi [1306-133X]
Uluslararasi Iliskiler [1304-7310]
Uluslararasi Suçlar ve Tarih [1306-9136]
Uluslararası Türkçe Edebiyat Kültür Eğitim Dergisi [2147-0146]
Ulyanovsk segodnya
Ulyanovskaya pravda
Ulyanovskij Meridian
Umbrella [0160-0699]
UMCI News (Potomac Falls, VA)
UMD Statesman
UME [1037-5872]
Umeå economic studies [0348-1018]
UMKC law review [0047-7575]
Umsebenzi: Voice of the South African Communist Party (1996-)
The UMTRI research review [0739-7100]
Umwelt [1424-7186]
Umwelt für Europäer [1563-4175]
Umwelt und Geologie [1617-4038]
Umwelt und Gesundheit (Smog)
Umwelt Zug
Umweltbewußtsein in Deutschland
Umweltdaten [0938-2178]
Umweltdaten Deutschland
Umwelterklärung / Österreichische Nationalbank
Umweltmedizinischer Informationsdienst
Umweltradioaktivität und Strahlenbelastung [0533-9456]
UmweltWirtschaftsForum [0943-3481]
UN chronicle [0251-7329]
UN Global E-Government Readiness Report
UN in Russia
Un magazine [1449-6747]
Un seul monde [1661-1675]
Un solo mondo [1661-1683]
UNAFEI newsletter [1020-914X]
Unamplified Voice, An
An Unamplified Voice ( Newstex Blogs )
Unasylva [0251-1053]
Unasylva [0041-6436]
UNB law journal [0836-6632]
UNB - United News of Bangladesh
Unbound [1932-3808]
Unbound : an annual review of legal history and rare books
Uncle Sam [0279-0815]
Uncooperative Blogger ( Newstex Blogs )
Uncover the Internet
UNCTAD annual report [1932-2814]
UNCTAD E-Commerce and Development Report / Electronic Commerce Branch, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
UNCTAD handbook of statistics [1020-7988]
UNCTAD Information Economy Report
UNCTAD series on issues in international investment agreements II [1810-3987]
Under dusken [0807-0768]
Under utdanning [1503-4801]
Undercurrent [1712-0934]
Undergraduate journal of mathematical modeling [2326-3652]
Undergraduate Math Journal
Undergraduate prospectus - University of Ulster [0261-0264]
Underground construction [1092-8634]
Underhood service [1079-6177]
Underneath the Golden Boy [1911-5245]
Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine [1066-2936]
Undersea warfare. [1554-0146]
Understanding and dismantling privilege [2152-1875]
Understanding statistics [1534-844X]
Understanding the Wash Cycle
Underwater naturalist [0041-6606]
UNDP Annual Report
UNDP news [1564-9253]
UNECE Environmental Performance Reviews
Unemployment insurance: Role as safety net for low-income workers is limited
UNEP year book
UNEP Year-Book (Formerly GEO Year-Book)
UNESCO Bangkok newsletter [2071-8543]
The UNESCO courier [1993-8616]
The Unesco courier [0041-5278]
UNESCO Courier [0304-3118]
UNESCO documents and publications
Unesco heute [0937-924X]
Unesco sources [1014-6989]
Der Unfallchirurg [0177-5537]
Unfallchirurgie [0340-2649]
The Unfamiliar [2050-778X]
UNFPA Annual Report
Ungarn-Jahrbuch [0082-755X]
Ungewußt [0946-106X]
Uni.doc / Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg [1612-7625]
Uni in Zahlen / Universität Bremen : Rechenschaftsbericht des Rektors
Uni-Info / Carl-von-Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg
Uni-Journal Jena [1435-6686]
Uni.kat : Zeitung der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Uni-Magazin [1616-4075]
Uni-Magazin : Die Zeitschrift der Universität Zürich
Uni Nova: Mitteilungen aus der Universität Basel [1661-3147]
Uni Press: Forschung und Wissenschaft an der Universität Bern
Uni Public: Das Online-Magazin der Universität Zürich
Uni-Report / Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Uni-Report / Universität Zürich
Uni Ulm intern [0176-036X]
UNI (United News of India)
Uni.vers [1618-9019]
UNIaktuell : Newsletter für Mitglieder und Angehörige der Universität Greifswald
Unian (Ukraine)
UNICEF annual report [1014-6733]
Uniciencia [1011-0275]
Unicité: Le Magazine de l'Université de Neuchâtel
Uniform crime reports for the United States [0082-7592]
Uniform Distribution Theory [1336-913X]
Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
Uniform Limited Cooperative Association Act
Uniform Rules Relating to the Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
Uniforms [1938-6222]
Uniforum [0935-8293]
Unijournal [1611-9487]
Unijournal : die Zeitung der Universität Zürich
Unikath [1437-4366]
Uniken [0312-7877]
UniluAktuell: Newsletter der Universität Luzern
Unimagazin [1660-4253]
Unimagazin Hannover
Uningá review [1807-5053]
Union Astronomique International Commission des Etoiles Doubles / International Astronomical Union Commission Double Stars (-2002)
Union Budget (mit Expenditure Budget)
The Union Leader
The Union leader [0745-5798]
Union-Recorder, The (Milledgeville, GA)
Unione Sarda (Italian Language)
Uniped : Tidsskrift for universitets- og høgskolepedagogikk [1893-8981]
Unipress [0937-6496]
Uniprisma: Das Wissenschaftsmagazin der Universität Koblenz-Landau
Unique Health Identifier for Individuals: A White Paper
Unisa Latin American report [0256-6060]
UNISCI discussion papers [1696-2206]
UNISIST newsletter [0300-2519]
UNISIST Newsletter : Information, Informatics, Telematics
The unison call
UNISPIEGEL [0171-4880]
Unisys world [0892-2845]
UNITAR e-Journal [1511-7219]
Unitarian Chronicle
Unitas [0041-7130]
United Academics Journal of Social Sciences [2212-5736]
United Arab Emirates oil & gas report [1748-4332]
United Arab Emirates Telecommunications Report
United Arab Emirates yearbook
United Daily News
United Daily News
United Evening News
United Evening News
United Kingdom balance of payments [0950-7558]
United Kingdom Butterfly Monitoring Scheme: Annual Report
United Kingdom defence & security report [1749-1746]
United Kingdom Economic Studies
United Kingdom minerals yearbook [0957-4697]
United Kingdom national accounts [0267-8691]
United Kingdom Oil & Gas Report [1748-4340]
United Kingdom Patent Applications
United Kingdom Sea Fisheries Statistics
The United Nations disarmament yearbook [0252-5607]
United Nations E-Government Survey
United Nations juridical yearbook [0082-8297]
United Nations yearbook collection [1683-6634]
United News Network
United News of Bangladesh
United News of Bangladesh Limited
United News of India
United News of India (UNI) (New Delhi, India)
United States Air Force Combat Command's The Combat Edge
United States Air Force Reserve Citizen Airman
United States animal health report
United States autos report [1749-026X]
United States banker [0148-8848]
United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Monthly review of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
United States Code Service Federal Rules Annotated - Selected Criminal
United States Code Service - Titles 1 through 50
United States Country Monitor
United States Democratic Review (1837 - 1859)
United States Department of Labor Board of Service Contract Appeals
United States Department of Labor Secretary of Labor
United States Department of Labor Wage Appeals Board
United States Economic Studies
United States freight transport report [1752-7937]
United States Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan<
United States government manual [0092-1904]
United States government manual [0892-9149]
United States Institute of Peace's PeaceWatch
United States International Trade Commission Documents
United States-Mexico law journal [1089-8948]
United States Navy's Naval Aviation News
United States Postal Service Documents
United States relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
United States Statistics on Trade in Services
United States. Tax Court. Reports [0040-0017]
United States telecommunications report [1748-4928]
United Way of America annual report [0190-9630]
Units [0744-1681]
Universa Medicina [1907-3062]
Universal Access in the Information Society [1615-5289]
Universal human rights [0163-2647]
Universal Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Technology [2219-2158]
Universal Journal of Environmental Research and Technology [2249-0256]
Universia business review [1698-5117]
Universidad de La Habana [0041-8420]
Universidad de México [0185-1330]
Universidad De Navarra Publicaciones De Biologia Serie Zoologia [0213-313X]
Universidad y ciencia [0186-2979]
Universidad y empresa [0124-4639]
Universidad y Sociedad [2218-3620]
Universidades [0041-8935]
Universitarios [0185-4143]
Universitas [0041-9060]
Universitas [1663-8026]
Universitas. Arquitetura e Comunica?§?£o Social [2175-7461]
Universitas canonica [0120-4491]
Universitas. Ci??ncias da sa??de [1678-5398]
Universitas Estudiantes [1794-5216]
Universitas forum [2070-6790]
Universitas friburgensis [1421-3664]
Universitas Friburgensis: Das Magazin der Pressestelle der Universität Fribourg
Universitas. Gest?£o e TI [2179-8311]
Universitas. Humanas [2175-7488]
Universitas humanistica [0120-4807]
Universitas/jus [1519-9045]
Universitas medica [0041-9095]
Universitas Odontologica [0120-4319]
Universitas philosophica [0120-5323]
Universitas Psychologica [1657-9267]
Universitas scientiarum [0122-7483]
Universitas Tarraconensis [0211-3368]
Universität Leipzig [0947-1049]
Universitätsbibliothek Mainz, Sammelschwerpunkt Frankreich-Forschung, Kultur, Gesellschaft, Regionen. Neuerwerbungen Monographien [0946-5391]
Université du Québec en quelques chiffres [1183-6555]
University Affairs [0041-9257]
University avenue [1096-4169]
University business [1097-6671]
University chemistry education [1369-5614]
The University Echo
University Echo
University heart journal [1998-9261]
The University journal of business [1525-6979]
University Journal of Engineering and Technology [1836-0831]
University Journal of Zoology, Rajshahi University [1023-6104]
University Museums and Collections Journal [2071-7229]
University news [0042-0026]
The University News (St. Louis University)
The University News (St. Louis University) ( University Wire )
University of Alberta health sciences journal [1712-4735]
University of Arkansas at Little Rock law journal [0162-8372]
University of Auckland business review [1174-9946]
University of Baltimore intellectual property law journal [1081-5058]
University of Baltimore journal of environmental law [1062-6212]
The University of Baltimore Law Forum
University of Baltimore law review [0091-5440]
University of British Columbia law review [0068-1849]
University of California, Berkeley, wellness letter [0748-9234]
University of California publications in botany [0068-6395]
University of California publications in geological sciences [0068-645X]
University of California publications. Zoology [0068-6506]
The University of Chicago law review [0041-9494]
The University of Chicago Law School roundtable [1075-9166]
The University of Chicago legal forum [0892-5593]
University of Cincinnati law review [0009-6881]
University of Colorado law review [0041-9516]
University of Dayton law review [0162-9174]
The University of Dayton review [0041-9524]
University of Denver water law review [1521-3455]
University of Detroit Mercy law review [1058-4323]
University of Florida journal of law and public policy [1047-8035]
University of Florida law review [0041-9583]
University of Florida Tax Review - Federal Tax
University of Gaziantep Journal of Social Sciences [1303-0094]
University of Hawaii law review [0271-9835]
University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy
University of Illinois law review [0276-9948]
University of Kansas law review [0083-4025]
University of Kansas paleontological contributions. Article [0075-5044]
The University of Kansas paleontological contributions. New series [1046-8390]
University of Kansas paleontological contributions. Paper [0075-5052]
University of Louisville law review [1942-9274]
The University of Manitoba journal of translation [1499-1640]
University of Mary Washington Magazine
University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender and Class
University of Maryland law journal of race, religion, gender, and class [1554-4796]
University of Maryland working papers in linguistics (UMWPiL)
University of Maryland Working Papers in Linguistics (UMWPL) (UMWPiL)
The University of Memphis law review [1080-8582]
The University of Miami inter-American law review [0884-1756]
University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review
University of Miami law review [0041-9818]
University of Michigan journal of law reform [0363-602X]
University of Michigan papers in women's studies
University of Michigan Papers in Women's Studies, The
University of Michigan Undergraduate Research Forum
The University of New South Wales law journal [0313-0096]
University of North Carolina School of Law Banking Institute [1096-7249]
University of Ottawa law & technology journal [1710-6028]
University of Oxford. School of Geography. Research papers. [0305-8190]
University of Pennsylvania journal of business and employment law [1940-8064]
University of Pennsylvania journal of constitutional law [1521-2823]
University of Pennsylvania journal of international business law [0891-9895]
University of Pennsylvania journal of international economic law [1086-7872]
University of Pennsylvania journal of labor and employment law [1097-4938]
University of Pennsylvania law review [0041-9907]
University of Pennsylvania law review and American law register [0749-9833]
The University of Pennsylvania orthopaedic journal [0885-4904]
University of Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law & Policy
University of Pittsburgh law review [0041-9915]
University of Queensland law journal [0083-4041]
University of Richmond law review [0566-2389]
University of San Francisco journal of law & social challenges [1520-0159]
University of San Francisco law review [0042-0018]
University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal
University of St. Thomas law journal [1549-2028]
University of St. Thomas Law Journal: Fides et lutitia
University of Sussex Journal of Contemporary History
University of Sydney Library newsletter [1326-2785]
University of the District of Columbia Law Review
The University of Toledo law review [0042-0190]
University of Toronto Art Journal
University of Toronto Faculty of Law review [0381-1638]
The University of Toronto law journal [0042-0220]
University of Toronto Medical Journal [0833-2207]
University of Toronto Medical Journal [1913-5440]
University of Toronto quarterly [0042-0247]
University of Wisconsin fusion design memos
University of Wisconsin-Madison almanac
University of Zurich, Department of Economics: Working paper series [1664-7041]
University Times (California State University-LA))
University Times (California State University-LA)) ( University Wire )
The University Times (U. North Carolina-Charlotte)
University Times (U. North Carolina-Charlotte)
The University Times (U. North Carolina-Charlotte) ( University Wire )
Universo de el Búho / Fundación René Avilés Fabila
Universo diagnóstico [1682-6779]
Universum [0716-498X]
Uniview magazine [1324-5953]
Unix and NT news [1369-7099]
Unix Review.Com
UNIX review's performance computing [1098-7150]
UNIX Update
UnixWorld's open computing [1072-4044]
Unizeit [1869-1102]
UNLV gaming research & review journal [1535-7589]
Unmanned Systems Alert
Unoesc & Ciência : ACHS [2178-5864]
UNOPAR Científica Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde [1517-2570]
UNOPAR Científica Ciências Exatas e Tecnológicas [1679-088X]
UNOPAR Científica Ciências Humanas e Educação [1518-3580]
Unplugged Living
Unpublished CA Court of Appeal Cases
Unpublished CA Court of Appeal Cases from 1966
The Unrealized Potential of DNA Testing
Unrealized Potential of DNA Testing
The Unrealized Potential of DNA Testing ( Policy Papers )
Unreported Judgments Australian Capital Territory
Unreported Judgments Federal Court of Australia
Unreported Judgments New South Wales
Unreported Judgments Tasmania
UNRISD news [1020-6825]
UNSA-Infos / Union Nationale des Syndicats Autonomes
Unser Landsturm im Hennegau
Unspeak ( Newstex Blogs )
UNSW calendar
UNSW General staff enterprise agreement
UNSW online handbook
Unterhaltung für Friedrichstadt und die angränzende Gegend [1617-4127]
Unterhaltung für Friedrichstadt und die angränzende Gegend [0933-3428]
Unternehmen der Zukunft [1439-2585]
Unternehmen Region / Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Unternehmensbefragung [1865-2123]
UnternehmerBrief Bauwirtschaft [1866-9328]
Unternehmeredition online (German Language)
Die Unterrichtspraxis [0042-062X]
UNU Nexions / United Nations University
UNVnews [1564-8184]
UOC Papers. Revista sobre la societat del coneixement [1885-1541]
Up close [1088-8551]
Up Close ( ABC News Transcripts )
Update [0301-5718]
Update : Applications of Research in Music Education [8755-1233]
Update - Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (U.S.) [0732-3972]
Update - Australian Society for Music Education [1320-1484]
Update / California Agricultural Technology Institute
Update in anaesthesia [1353-4882]
Update (National Centre for Climate-Energy Solutions)
Update (National Centre for Coasts & Oceans (N.Z.))
Update on cancer therapeutics [1872-115X]
Update on computer audit, control and security [0953-5217]
Updates in Surgery [2038-131X]
Upfront Tonight
Upgrade [1684-5285]
Upgrade: Travel Better ( Newstex Blogs )
Upholstery journal [1072-5628]
Upholstery Manufacturing [1556-990X]
UPI Arabic News Service (Arabic Language)
UPI Chile
UPI Emerging Threats
UPI Energy
UPI Energy Resources
UPI NewsTrack
UPI Reporte LatAm
UPI Security Industry
UPI (United Press International)
Uppsala reports [1651-9779]
Upsala journal of medical sciences [0300-9734]
Upside; U.S. ed [1052-0341]
Upstage [2045-1024]
Upstart [0566-3199]
Upstart [1527-5248]
Upstart Business Journal Online
The Upstart crow [0886-2168]
Upstream [0807-6472]
Upwellings [0886-2664]
UQACtualité [0229-0871]
UQAM. Université du Québec à Montréal [0831-7216]
UQAR-information [0711-2254] Regional Information Agency (Russian Language)
Uradni list Republike Slovenije [1318-0576]
Uradni list Republike Slovenije. Razglasni del [1318-9182]
Ural [0130-5409]
Ural'skaja Nov'
Uralskij rabochij
Uralskij rynok metallov
Uranium [0252-9173]
Uranium ...: resources, production and demand [2072-5310]
Urban [1138-0810]
Urban affairs review [1078-0874]
Urban Agriculture Magazine
Urban Climate [2212-0955]
Urban design [1750-712X]
Urban design case studies
Urban Design Directory
Urban design international [1357-5317]
Urban design update [0895-8076]
Urban-e (Madrid) [2174-646X]
Urban ecology [0304-4009]
Urban ecosystems [1083-8155]
Urban education [0042-0859]
Urban forestry & urban greening [1618-8667]
Urban forum [1015-3802]
Urban habitats [1541-7115]
Urban history [0963-9268]
Urban history newsletter [0042-0883]
Urban history review [0703-0428]
The Urban lawyer [0042-0905]
Urban Library Journal [1944-9674]
Urban mobility report
Urban morphology [1027-4278]
Urban policy and research [0811-1146]
Urban public economics review [1697-6223]
Urban research & practice [1753-5069]
Urban review [0042-0972]
Urban, state and local law newsletter [0195-7686]
Urban studies [0042-0980]
Urban Studies Research [2090-4185]
Urban Subsurface Environments newsletter
Urban systems [0147-8001]
Urban transport news [0195-4695]
Urban water [1462-0758]
Urban water journal [1573-062X]
Urbana [2151-1896]
URBANA : Revista Eletrônica do Centro Interdisciplinar de Estudos sobre a Cidade [1982-0569]
Urbani Izziv [0353-6483]
Urbanism. Arhitectura. Constructii [2069-0509]
Urbanistika ir architektura [1392-1630]
Urbanité [1207-0483]
URBANITIES : Journal of the Commission on Urban Anthropology [2239-5725]
Urbano [0717-3997]
URBC Daily News
URBC Daily News
Urbe : Revista Brasileira de Gestão Urbana [2175-3369]
Urbia [1661-3708]
URBS : Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales [2014-2714]
Urethanes technology [0265-637X]
Urethanes technology international [1754-1352]
Urgence Pratique
Urgences médicales [0923-2524]
Urgent Communications [1946-4384]
Urgent communications [1945-4384]
Urgent Communications (Online Exclusive)
Urmia Medical Journal [3727-1027]
Uro-gram [1074-8687]
Urogynaecologia international journal [1121-3086]
Der Urologe [0340-2592]
Urologe. Ausgabe B [0042-1111]
Urologia [0391-5603]
Urología colombiana [0120-789X]
Urologia internationalis [0042-1138]
Urologic Nursing [1053-816X]
Urologic oncology [1078-1439]
Urologic radiology [0171-1091]
Urological research [0300-5623]
Urological Science [1879-5226]
Urology [0090-4295]
Urology annals [0974-7796]
Urology journal [1735-1308]
Urology times [0093-9722]
Urology Times - Clinical Edition
UroOncology [1561-0950]
Urotoday international journal [1944-5784]
Ursus [1537-6176]
US Attorney General Opinions
US Bankruptcy Court Cases
US Black engineer and information technology [1088-3444]
US Business Directory
US business review [1552-6313]
US-China Foreign Language [1539-8080]
US-China review [0164-3886]
US Coal Review
US Commerce Court Cases
US Comptroller General Decisions
US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims
US Court of Customs & Patent Appeals Cases
US Court of International Trade Cases
US Courts of Appeals Cases, Combined
US Customs Court Cases
US Department of State dispatch [1051-7693]
US District Court Cases, Combined
US Fed News
US Fed News Service, Including US State News
US Financial Data
US Foreign Policy Agenda
US - Internal Revenue Code
US monthly commentary
US Newswire
US States News
US Supreme Court Digest Lawyers' Edition
US Supreme Court Lawyers' Edition 2d Annotations
US Tax Court Cases, Memorandum Decs. & Board of Tax Appeals Decisions
US Tax Court Memorandum Decisions
US Tax Court Summary Opinions
Us Weekly [1529-7497]
USA: Atlanta Career Guide
USA. Canada: Economy, Policy, Culture (Russian Language)
USA: Dallas Career Guide
USA hockey magazine [1551-6741]
USA: New York Career Guide
USA Oil & Gas Report [1748-4359]
USA Petrochemicals Report [1749-2548]
USA: San Francisco Career Guide
USA studies weekly. 1865 to the present [1934-9246]
USA Studies Weekly Explorers to Present [1556-357X]
USA today [0161-7389]
USA today [0734-7456]
USAsianNetwork News
USCS - Constitution of the United States
USCS - Federal Rules Annotated
USCS - Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure
USCS - Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
USCS - Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
USCS - Federal Rules of Evidence
USCS - International Conventions
USCS - Public Laws
USCS - Revised Title Table
USCS - Rules of Practice and Procedure of the United States Tax Court
USDA Agricultural Trade Reports
USDA Forest Service - General Technical Report RMRS-GTR
USDA Forest Service Proceedings
USDA Forest Service research paper RM [0363-6259]
The Use of Union Dues for Political Purposes: A Legal Analysis
Use of Union Dues for Political Purposes: A Legal Analysis
The Use of Union Dues for Political Purposes: A Legal Analysis ( Policy Papers )
User modeling and user-adapted interaction [0924-1868]
USGA Green Section record [0041-5502]
USGA turfgrass and environmental research online [1541-0277]
USI-Link: Newsletter dell’ Universitŕ della Svizzera italiana
USIC news (French Language)
Usinskaya nov (Russian Language)
USP Menschen im Marketing
USP Quality Review
Uspekhi fizicheskikh nauk [0042-1294]
Uspekhi matematicheskikh nauk [0042-1316]
USQR, Union Seminary quarterly review [0362-1545]
USSR in Construction
Ustianskii kray (Russian Language)
Ûstycyâ Belarusì [1729-3731]
USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration [2285-3332]
UT Attorney General Opinions
UT Court of Appeals Cases from 1987
UT Court of Appeals Published Cases from 1987
UT Court of Appeals Unpublished Cases from 1998
UT Federal District Courts
UT - Local Rules of U.S. District & Bankruptcy Courts in Utah
UT Public Service Commission Decisions
UT State Tax Commission Decisions and Orders
UT Supreme Court Cases from 1861
UT - Utah Administrative Code
UT - Utah Administrative Code and Utah State Bulletin
UT - Utah Advance Legislative Service
UT - Utah Code Annotated
UT - Utah Constitution
UT - Utah Court Rules - Selected Criminal Material
UT - Utah State Bulletin
UT - Utah State & Federal Court Rules
Utafiti [0856-096X]
Utah Adventure Guide
Utah archaeology [1040-6549]
Utah bar journal (Second series) [0091-9691]
Utah business [1091-1707]
Utah employment law letter [1083-1053]
Utah Environmental Law Review
Utah foreign language review [1081-9045]
Utah law review [0042-1448]
Utah Municipal Codes
Utah science [0042-1502]
Utah state bulletin [0882-4738]
The Utah Statesman
UTAH Tax Commission Private Letter Rulings
Utah Workers' Compensation
Utbildning och demokrati [1102-6472]
UTCP booklet [1882-742X]
Utilisation de l'Internet au Canada [1701-2015]
Utilitas [0953-8208]
Utilities law review [0960-2356]
Utilities policy [0957-1787]
Utility automation [1085-2328]
Utility automation & engineering T & D [1547-6723]
Utility Business [1097-6981]
Utility, Design and Plant Patents
Utility Environment Report [1503-9379]
Utility Europe [1367-6415]
Utility fleet management [1053-4903]
Utility Patents
Utility reporter [0890-2984]
Utility spotlight [1065-6480]
Utility week [1356-5532]
Útitárs: Magyar Evangéliumi Lap
UTMB Magazine
UTMB Quarterly
UTMS Journal of Economics [1857-6974]
Utne [1544-2225]
Utopía y praxis latinoamericana [1316-5216]
Utopian studies [1045-991X]
Utopie kreativ [0863-4890]
Utposten [0800-5680]
Utrecht Journal of International and European Law [2053-5341]
Utrecht Law Review [1871-515X]
Utrecht studies in language and communication [0927-7706]
Utrechter Blatter: Research Review on German Language and Literature [1878-9536]
Utrechts Nieuwsblad
Utro Peterburga
Utro Vechera Mudrenee (Klimovsk, Russian Language)
Uttoxeter Advertiser
Uttoxeter Post and Times
UU World : The Magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association [1532-7450]
Uusio-uutiset [0787-0663]
UVA lawyer
UVa Library: Japanese Text Initiative
UW-Madison dis-orientation manual
UWLA law review [0899-7446]
UWM post [1524-0517]
UZ magazine [0777-9364]
Uzbekistan [1099-226X]
Uzbekistan: Company Profiles
Uzbekistan: Company Profiles (Russian Language)
Uzbekistan Daily
Uzbekistan National News Agency
Uzbekistan National News Agency (French Language)
Uzbekistan National News Agency (German Language)
Uzbekistan National News Agency (Russian Language)
UzReport (Uzbekistan)