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P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications [2070-0466]
评鉴双月刊/#/評鑑雙月刊 [1991-1483]
P.o.v [1396-1160]
P.O.V. Filmtidsskrift: A Danish Journal of Film Studies
P.S.A. journal [0030-8277]
P&T [1052-1372]
P2P Filesharing
P3T [2014-5381]
PA Attorney General Opinions
PA Commonwealth Court Cases from 1971
PA Commonwealth Court Tax Decisions
PA Court of Judicial Discipline Cases
PA Court of Judicial Discipline Cases from 1994
PA Environmental Hearing Board Decisions
PA Federal District Courts
PA - Local Rules of U.S. District & Bankruptcy Courts in Pennsylvania
PA Newswire: Corporate Finance News
PA Newswire: Ireland
PA Newswire: Northern Ireland
PA Newswire: Scotland
PA Newswire: Sport News
PA Newswire: Wales
PA - Pennsylvania Administrative Code
PA - Pennsylvania Advance Legislative Service
PA - Pennsylvania Bulletin
PA - Pennsylvania Constitution
PA - Pennsylvania Court Rules - Selected Criminal Material
PA - Pennsylvania Local Rules of Court
PA - Pennsylvania Regulations and Bulletin
PA - Pennsylvania State & Federal Court Rules
PA - Pennsylvania Statutes, Annotated by LexisNexis
PA Public Utility Commission Decisions
PA Pundits
PA Regional Newswire of the English Regions
PA Superior Court from 1895
PA Supreme Court Cases from 1754
PA Supreme Court Cases from 1791
PA times [1041-6323]
PA Workers' Compensation Decisions
PA2 online [1741-1157]
PAA Insider
PAC - Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association
Pace environmental law review [0738-6206]
Pace international law review [1553-7897]
Pace law review [0272-2410]
PACE. Process & control engineering [1329-6221]
Pachyderm [1026-2881]
Pacific accounting review [0114-0582]
Pacific affairs [0030-851X]
Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy [0970-3888]
Pacific Asia Inquiry
Pacific Asia journal of the Association for Information Systems [1943-7536]
Pacific-basin finance journal [0927-538X]
Pacific builder & engineer [0030-8544]
Pacific business news [0030-8552]
Pacific Coast Archaeological Society quarterly [0552-7252]
Pacific Coast philology [0078-7469]
Pacific economic bulletin [0817-8038]
Pacific economic review [1361-374X]
Pacific employment law letter [1089-0297]
Pacific Geographies [2196-1468]
Pacific historical review [0030-8684]
Pacific Islands policy [1933-1223]
Pacific journal of mathematics [0030-8730]
Pacific journal of science and technology [1551-7624]
Pacific magazine [1533-3183]
Pacific McGeorge global business & development law journal [1936-3931]
Pacific news [1435-8360]
Pacific news service [0194-5084]
Pacific News Tok
Pacific Northwest executive [1043-5212]
Pacific Northwest journal of undergraduate research and creative activities [2155-3300]
Pacific philosophical quarterly [0279-0750]
The Pacific review [0951-2748]
Pacific Rim law & policy journal [1066-8632]
Pacific Rim Telecommunications
Pacific Science [0030-8870]
Pacific Seabird Group technical publication [1521-3366]
Pacific seabirds [1089-6317]
Pacific Security Today: Overcoming the Hurdles
Pacific shipper [0030-8900]
Pacific sociological review [0030-8919]
Pacific studies [0275-3596]
Pacific Studies WWW Monitor, The [1443-8976]
Pacific symposium on biocomputing
The Pacific world [0897-3644]
Pacifica : Journal of the Melbourne College of Divinity [1030-570X]
Pacifican [0030-8994]
Pacing and clinical electrophysiology [0147-8389]
Pacioli [2294-0502]
Pacioli [2294-0510]
Pack aktuell [1664-6533]
Pack Report [0342-3743]
Package printing [1536-1039]
Package printing and converting [0895-1608]
Packaging [0746-3820]
Packaging [1328-3847]
Packaging (Australia)
Packaging Digest [0030-9117]
Packaging magazine [1461-4200]
PACKAGING NEWS [0048-2676]
Packaging news [0030-9133]
Packaging strategies [8755-6189]
Packaging Technology [1743-0127]
Packaging technology & engineering [1067-411X]
Packaging technology & science [0894-3214]
Packaging today [1747-7468]
Packaging today international [1470-6008]
Packaging, transport, storage & security of radioactive material [1746-5095]
Packaging week [0267-6117]
Packaging Week Interpak 96 New Product Review Supplement
PACKMITTEL [0172-4495]
PacNet newsletter
PacNews(Pacific Island News Service)
Paddy and Water Environment [1611-2490]
Paderborner Universitäts-Zeitschrift [1434-971X]
Pädiatrie hautnah [1437-1782]
Pädiatrie & Pädologie [0030-9338]
Padres y colegios
Padrón municipal de habitantes [1886-1539]
PADS: Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Simulation
Paducah Sun, The (KY)
Paedagogica Europaea [0078-7787]
Paedagogica historica [0030-9230]
Paedagogische studiën (Groningen. 1920) [1573-5931]
Paediatric anaesthesia [1155-5645]
Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology [0269-5022]
Paediatric Drugs [1174-5878]
Paediatric nursing [0962-9513]
Paediatric respiratory reviews [1526-0542]
Paediatrica [1728-239X]
Paediatrica Indonesiana [0030-9311]
Paediatrics and child health [1751-7222]
Paediatrics Today [1840-2968]
Paedpsych E-Zine (p@psych) [1561-2503]
PAGES news [1811-1602]
Páginas de educación [1688-5287]
Páginas de Filosofía [0327-5108]
Páginas. Revista de la Escuela de Ciencias de la Educación [1668-7493]
Pá [1989-2829]
Paideia [1214-8725]
Paideía [0103-863X]
Paideusis [1916-0348]
Pain [0304-3959]
Pain and Therapy [2193-8237]
Pain & central nervous system week [1531-6394]
Pain & distress report
Pain forum [1082-3174]
Pain management nursing [1524-9042]
Pain medicine [1526-2375]
Pain physician [1533-3159]
Pain practice [1530-7085]
Pain Research and Treatment [2090-1542]
Pain reviews [0968-1302]
Paint & coatings industry [0884-3848]
Paint & resin [0261-5746]
Paintball [1043-4771]
The Painted bride quarterly [0362-7969]
Painted, spoken
Paintindia [0030-9540]
Painting & wallcovering contractor [0735-9713]
El Pais [1134-6582]
El País - Barcelona
El País - Bilbao
El Pais - English Edition
El País - Madrid
El País (Madrid, Spain : Ed. global)
El País - Salud
El País - Sevilla
El Pais (Uruguay)
Pais (Uruguay)
El País - Valencia
Paisagem e ambiente [0104-6098]
Paisley daily express [0307-5885]
PAJ [1520-281X]
Pajhwok Afghan News
Pajhwok Afghan News English
Pajhwok Afghan News; Kabul
Pajhwok Afghan News (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Pajouhan Scientific Journal [1029-7863]
Pak Banker, The
Pakhtunkhwa Journal of Life Science [2304-8174]
Pakistan and Gulf Economist [0253-1941]
Pakistan Armed Forces medical journal [0030-9648]
Pakistan Business News
Pakistan Company News [2224-4182]
Pakistan Company News Wire
Pakistan Company Updates
Pakistan defence & security report [1749-155X]
Pakistan Development Review [0030-9729]
Pakistan economic and social review [1011-002X]
Pakistan Engineering Review
Pakistan Entomologist [1017-1827]
Pakistan Equity Research Reports
Pakistan Food Journal
Pakistan forum [0315-7725]
Pakistan heart journal [0048-2706]
Pakistan Institute of Development Economics
Pakistan Investor Guide
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research [0251-0480]
Pakistan journal of agricultural sciences [0552-9034]
Pakistan journal of agronomy [1680-8207]
Pakistan journal of american studies [1011-811X]
Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry [1996-918X]
Pakistan journal of applied sciences [1607-8926]
Pakistan journal of biological sciences [1028-8880]
Pakistan journal of botany [0556-3321]
Pakistan Journal of Chemistry [2220-2625]
Pakistan journal of clinical psychology [1019-438X]
Pakistan journal of commerce and social sciences [1997-8553]
Pakistan journal of food sciences [1605-2552]
The Pakistan Journal of Forestry [0030-9818]
Pakistan Journal of International Relations [2079-1321]
Pakistan journal of library and information science [1680-4465]
Pakistan journal of medical research [0030-9842]
Pakistan journal of medical sciences [1682-024X]
Pakistan journal of nutrition [1680-5194]
Pakistan journal of ophthalmology [0886-3067]
Pakistan Journal of Pathology
Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences [1011-601X]
Pakistan journal of plant pathology [1680-8193]
Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research [1016-0604]
Pakistan journal of psychology [0030-9869]
Pakistan journal of social sciences [1683-8831]
Pakistan journal of soil science [1019-729X]
Pakistan journal of statistics and operation research [1816-2711]
Pakistan journal of statistics. Series A [1012-9367]
Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research [1015-3055]
Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research [1815-1094]
Pakistan Journal of Weed Sciences
Pakistan Journal of Zoology [0030-9923]
Pakistan Newswire
The Pakistan Newswire
Pakistan Observer
Pakistan Observer; Islamabad
Pakistan Official News
Pakistan oral & dental journal [1012-8700]
Pakistan Perspectives [1810-5858]
Pakistan Press International
Pakistan Studies News
Pakistan Sugar Journal [1028-1193]
Pakistan Tenders Info Service
Pakistan textile journal [0048-2757]
Pakistan Today
Pakistan-U.S. Relations
Pakistan veterinary journal [0253-8318]
Pakistan Vision [1681-5742]
Pakistaniaat [1948-6529]
PALABRA [0048-2765]
Palabra Clave [0122-8285]
Palabra Clave [La Plata] [1666-2938]
Palabra (Mexico)
Palabra (Mexico)
Palabra (Mexico) [1563-7921]
Palabra Saltillo Mexico
La Palabra y el hombre [0185-5727]
Palabra y razón [0719-2223]
Palabras Mayores [2070-8211]
Paladin, The
The Paladin ( University Wire )
Paladyn [2080-9778]
Palaeobiodiversity and Palaeoenvironments [1867-1594]
Palaeodiversity [1867-6294]
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology [0031-0182]
Palaeohispánica [1578-5386]
Palaeontographica Americana [0078-8546]
Palaeontologia electronica [1094-8074]
Palaeontologia electronica [1935-3952]
Palaeontologia Polonica [0078-8562]
Palaeontology [0031-0239]
Palaeontology newsletter [0954-9900]
Palaeoworld [1871-174X]
Palæstina-orientering [0106-1844]
Palaestra [8756-5811]
Palaios [0883-1351]
Paläontologie aktuell
Paläontologische Zeitschrift [0031-0220]
PalArch Foundation's Newsletter [1872-4582]
PalArch's journal of Archaeology of Northwest Europe [1573-3939]
PalArch's Proceedings [1567-2166]
PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology [1567-214X]
PalArch’s Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontology [1567-2158]
Paleoanthropology [1545-0031]
Paleobiologia Neotropical
Paleobiology [0094-8373]
PaleoBios [0031-0298]
Paleoceanography [0883-8305]
Paleontologia em destaque [1516-1811]
Paleontological contributions [1946-0279]
Paleontological Journal [0031-0301]
Paleontological monograph [0197-8764]
Paleontology journal [2314-4289]
Paleopatología [1579-0606]
Palestine Chronicle
Palestine Chronicle; Mountlake Terrace, Wash
Palestine Chronicle, The
Palestine Exploration Quarterly [0031-0328]
Palestine Herald-Press (Palestine, TX)
Palestine-Israel journal of politics, economics, and culture [0793-1395]
Palestine News Agency
Palestine News Agency (WAFA) (Gaza, Palestine)
Palestine News & Information Agency (Arabic Language)
Palestine News Network
Palestine News Network (West Bank, Palestine)
The Palestine report [0260-2350]
Palestrica mileniului III [1582-1943]
Palgrave communications [2055-1045]
Palimpsesto [2014-1505]
Palinsesti : Contemporary Italian Art On-line Journal [2279-7882]
Palinurus: Engaging Political Philosophy
Palitycnaja Sfera [1819-3625]
Palliative Care: Research and Treatment [1178-2242]
Palliative Medicine [0269-2163]
Palliative & supportive care [1478-9515]
Palliative–ch [1660-6426]
Pallimed ( Newstex Blogs )
Palm Beach Daily News
Palm Beach Daily News [1528-5758]
Palm Beach Politics [Sun Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - BLOG]
The Palm Beach post [1528-5758]
Palm Beach Post, The (FL)
Palm Beach Post (West Palm Beach, FL)
Palmetto Scoop ( Newstex Blogs )
Palms [1523-4495]
Palo Alto Daily News (CA)
Palo Alto Daily News, Calif.
Palo Alto Daily News (Palo Alto, CA)
Palobra: Palabra que obra [1657-0111]
Palynology [0191-6122]
Palynos [0256-1670]
Pambu newsletters
Pamiatky a múzeá [1335-4353]
Pamięć.pl [2084-7319]
Pamiętnik Biblioteki Kórnickiej [0551-3790]
Pamiętnik Literacki [0031-0514]
Pamukkale Journal of Sports Sciences [1309-0356]
Pamukkale Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi dergisi [1301-0085]
Pamukkale University Journal of Engineering Sciences [1300-7009]
Pan Africa news [1884-751X]
The Pan African medical journal [1937-8688]
Pan-American Journal of Aquatic Sciences [1809-9009]
PAN North America
Pan: The Flute Magazine [1360-1563]
Panace@ [1537-1964]
Pancreatology [1424-3903]
Pandaemonium germanicum [1414-1906]
Pandecta : Jurnal Penelitian Ilmu Hukum [1907-8919]
Pandectas: Revista de Derecho
Pandion [2246-0020]
Panoeconomicus [1452-595X]
Panóptica [1980-7775]
Panorama [0119-5204]
Panorama [0845-3209]
Panorama [1205-7223]
Panorama Administrativo
Panorama (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan)
Panorama Brasil
Panorama Brasil (Portuguese Language)
Panorama Brasil (Spanish Language)
Panorama centroamericano. Reporte político [1017-8902]
Panorama, Chisinau (Russian Language)
Panorama. Cuba y salud [1995-6797]
Panorama de l'aide au développement [1999-1126]
Panorama de l'aide pour le commerce [2304-5752]
Panorama de la educación, Indicadores de la OCDE [2171-682X]
Panorama de la santé [1817-0005]
Panorama de la société [1684-2200]
Panorama des administrations publiques [2221-4402]
Panorama des comptes nationaux [2220-1882]
Panorama des régions de l'OCDE [1999-0065]
Panorama des statistiques de l'OCDE [1818-6394]
Panorama du médecin [0339-073X]
Panorama estratégico
Panorama Financial News
Panorama (Fundacion Politecnico Grancolombiano) [1909-7433]
Panorama goroda
Panorama Mundial
Panorama Mundial (CNN en Español)
Panorama of Parliamentary Elections
Panorama of transport [1725-275X]
Panorama (Russian Language)
Panorama socioeconómico [0716-1921]
Panorama stolicy
The PANPA Bulletin
Panta Rei : revista de ciencia y didáctica de la historia [1136-2464]
The Pantagraph
Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL)
Pantagraph; Bloomington, Ill
Pantagraph, The (Bloomington, IL)
The Pantaneto Forum [1741-1572]
Panzer Abwehr
PAP - Brief in English
PAP Economic Service
PAP Market Insider
PAP News Wire
Papakura Courier
Paparazzi (Russian Language)
Papéis Avulsos de Zoologia [0031-1049]
Papel Político [0122-4409]
Papeles Cristianisme i Justicia
Papeles de CEIC [1695-6494]
Papeles de cultura contemporánea [2254-5646]
Papeles de Europa
Papeles de Geografía [0213-1781]
Papeles de población [1405-7425]
Papeles de Trabajo [1851-2577]
Papeles de Trabajo. Centro de Estudios Interdisciplinarios en Etnolingüística y Antropología Socio-Cultural [0327-6147]
Papeles de trabajo sobre cultura, educación y desarrollo humano [1699-437X]
Papeles del psicólogo [0214-7823]
Paper [0306-8234]
Paper 360 [1933-3684]
Paper, Film and Foil Converter [0031-1138]
Paper, Film, & Foil Converter
Paper, Film & Foil Converter (Online Exclusive)
Paper Packaging Supplement to INTEFOOM
Paper PC
The Paper PC ( Newstex Blogs )
Paperboard packaging [0031-1227]
Paperplates [1183-3742]
Papers [0210-2862]
Papers [1034-9243]
Papers [1933-6365]
Papers and Studies in Contrastive Linguistics [0137-2459]
Papers from the Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Meeting : SEALS
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology [0965-9315]
Papers in Applied Linguistics Münster
Papers in Local and Regional Development
Papers in Palaeontology [2056-2799]
Papers in Physics [1852-4249]
Papers in regional science [1056-8190]
Papers of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens
The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America [0006-128X]
Papers of the British School at Rome [0068-2462]
Papers on anthropology [1406-0140]
Papers on Economics and Evolution
Papers on Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy
Papers on Language and Literature [0031-1294]
Papers on non-market decision making [1941-9716]
Papers on social representations. Threads of discussion [1021-5573]
Papers relating to foreign affairs [1060-5428]
Papers relating to the foreign relations of the United States [1048-6445]
Papetières du Québec [0847-2645]
Papia [0103-9415]
Papier & Umwelt [1661-4879]
Papua and New Guinea medical journal [0031-1480]
Papua New Guinea Post Courier
Papyrotheke: Rivista online di Papirologia dell'Universitá di Parma
Parad (love) (Russian Language)
Paradigm [0971-8907]
Paradigma [1011-2251]
Paradigms [1996-2800]
Paradoks: The Journal of Economics, Sociology & Politics [1305-7979]
Paraf : PARalelní Akta Filozofie
Parágrafo: Revista Científica de Comunicação Social da FIAM-FAAM
Paragrafo: Rivista di Letteratura & Immaginari
Paragraph [0264-8334]
Parallax [1353-4645]
Parallel algorithms and applications [1063-7192]
Parallel & Cloud Computing [2304-9464]
Parallel computing [0167-8191]
Parallel processing letters [0129-6264]
Paralympian, The
Parameters [0031-1723]
Paramita [0854-0039]
Parapluie [1439-1163]
Parasite [1252-607X]
Parasite immunology [0141-9838]
Parasites & Vectors [1756-3305]
Parasitology [0031-1820]
Parasitology international [1383-5769]
Parasitology Research [0932-0113]
Parasitology today [0169-4758]
Parassitologia [0048-2951]
ParaTracks [0832-0543]
Parcerias Estratégicas [1413-9375]
PaRDeS : Zeitschrift der Vereinigung für Jüdische Studien e.V [1614-6492]
Parekvolai [2241-0228]
Paremia [1132-8940]
Parenting. Early Years
Parenting. Early years [0890-247X]
Parenting for High Potential
Parenting ( Newstex Blogs )
Parenting. School years [1947-1149]
Parenting, science and practice [1529-5192]
Parenting Solved ( Newstex Blogs )
Parenting Today
Parenting Tweens and Teens
Parents [1083-6373]
Parents Behaving Badly
Parents' Council Blog
Parergon [0313-6221]
Parfums Cosm?tiques Actualit?s (English)
Parfums cosmétiques actualités [1267-0812]
Parfums Cosmיtiques Actualitיs
Pari [0861-5608]
Paris-Match [0397-1635]
Paris-Normandie [0999-2154]
The Paris review [0031-2037]
Paris Traveler ( Newstex Blogs )
LE PARISIEN [0767-3558]
Le Parisien Economie
Parisien Economie
Parisist (French Language)
Park Place Economist, The
Park science [0735-9462]
PARK WORLD [1462-4796]
The Parkersburg news [8750-3956]
Parkersburg Sentinel
Parkiet [1689-1686]
Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson's Disease [2042-0080]
Parkinson's Disease (Current Medical Literature) [1464-0287]
Parkinsonism & related disorders [1353-8020]
Parks [0363-0617]
Parks & recreation [0031-2215]
Das Parlament [0031-2258]
Parlamentskaya Gazeta
Parlamentsspiegel [0553-3163]
Parliament Monitor (Jordan, Arabic Language)
Parliamentary affairs [0031-2290]
Parliamentary brief [1354-5507]
Parliamentary debates [0155-6290]
Parliamentary debates - Dáil Éireann
Parliamentary debates, Hansard. House of Lords official report [0309-8834]
Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / Parliament of Victoria, Legislative Assembly
Parliamentary Debates / House of Lords : official report; ... session of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ... year of the reign of ... (Hansard)
Parliamentary debates, House of Representatives, weekly Hansard [0519-6124]
Parliamentary debates, official report. House of Commons [0309-9016]
Parliamentary debates, Senate, weekly Hansard [0519-6140]
Parliamentary handbook of the Commonwealth of Australia [0813-541X]
Parliamentary history [0264-2824]
Parliamentary record - Northern Territory of Australia Legislative Assembly [0312-5629]
Parmaceutical Technology Europe
Parnassus [1543-6314]
Parnassus. Poetry in review [0048-3028]
Parol [1126-7224]
Parole de l'Orient [0258-8331]
Parole: Journal of Linguistics and Education [2338-0683]
Parole rubate [2039-0114]
Paroles gelées [1094-7264]
Het Parool [1389-2975]
Parramatta Advertiser [2004-6642]
Parrhesia [1834-3287]
Parry Sound north star [0834-7085]
Parsons journal for information mapping
Part III. Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers Power Apparatus and Systems [0097-2460]
Partecipazione e conflitto [1972-7623]
Parteitag der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands
Partenariat pour la gouvernance démocratique [2076-5819]
Partial Answers: Journal of Literature and the History of Ideas [1565-3668]
Particip@tions [1749-8716]
ParticipAção [1677-1893]
Participación educativa [1886-5097]
Participation [0709-6941]
Participation & Empowerment [1463-4449]
Particle and fibre toxicology [1743-8977]
Particle & particle systems characterization [0934-0866]
Particulate science and technology [0272-6351]
Particuology [1674-2001]
Partisan review [0031-2525]
Partner's report [0892-4805]
Partner's report [1043-7428]
Partner to partner advisory [1097-5527]
Partners in Community and Economic Development
Partners in research for development [1031-1009]
Partnership for Democratic Governance [2076-5797]
Partnership : the Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research [1911-9593]
Partnerships [1944-1061]
The Party Leads the Economy and Party Members Do Business in the Socialist Oriented Market Economy
Party politics [1354-0688]
PAS news and events [1053-1319]
Pasadena star-news [1069-2827]
Pasadena star-news [1087-3023]
Pasadena Star-News (Pasadena, CA)
Pasavento: Revista de Estudios Hispánicos
El Paso Times
Pasos [1659-2735]
PASOS : Revista de Turismo y Patrimonio Cultural [1695-7121]
Passage [0901-8883]
Passagen [1422-4127]
Passagen. Pro-Helvetica-Kulturmagazin
Passagens [1984-2503]
Passages [0258-8099]
Passages [1388-4433]
Passauer Kunstblätter
Passauer Neue Presse
The Passenger pigeon [0031-2703]
Passenger transport [0364-345X]
Passion for Running
A Passion for Running (Newstex Blogs) ( Newstex Blogs )
Password : the quarterly magazine published by Philips Research
Past [0965-1381]
Past Deadline
Past Horizons: Online Journal of Volunteer Archaeology and Training
Past & present [0031-2746]
Past : The Newsletter of the Prehistoric Society
PASTE: Workshop on Program Analysis for Software Tools and Engineering
Pastoral care in education [0264-3944]
Pastoral psychology [0031-2789]
Pastoral Times
Pastos y Forrajes [0864-0394]
Pastura: Journal of Tropical Forage Science [2088-818X]
+Pat+ [1660-2323]
Pata Travel News
Patent Abstracts of Japan
Patent Abstracts of Japan News (- 2004)
Patent Abstracts of Japan News (2004 -)
Patent Baristas
Patent Baristas [Patent Baristas - BLOG]
Patent Circle
Patent Cooperation Treaty Patent Applications
Patent Files - Full Text, 1996
Patent Information News (Formerly: EPIDOS news)
The patent journal [1537-1247]
Patent Numbers By Classification
Patent Reexamination Certificates
Patent Strategy: The Manager's Guide to Profiting from Patent Portfolios
Patently-O [McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, LLP - BLOG]
Patents & Designs Journal, The
Paternity Establishment: State Use of Genetic Testing
Pathobiology [1015-2008]
Pathobiology of Aging & Age-related Diseases [2001-0001]
Pathogenesis [2214-6636]
Pathogens [2076-0817]
Pathogens and Disease
Pathogens & Immunity
Der Pathologe [0172-8113]
Pathologica [0031-2983]
Pathologie et biologie [0369-8114]
Pathology [0031-3025]
Pathology and laboratory medicine international [1179-2698]
Pathology international [1320-5463]
Pathology & Oncology Research [1219-4956]
Pathology patterns reviews [1542-2305]
Pathology, research and practice [0344-0338]
Pathology Research International [2090-8091]
Pathophysiology [0928-4680]
Pathophysiology of haemostasis and thrombosis [1424-8832]
Pathos [1593-2354]
Paths of learning [1526-0186]
The patient [1178-1653]
Patient care [0031-305X]
Patient care [0845-065X]
Patient Care Law Weekly
Patient Care Law Weekly [1551-5252]
Patient care management [1532-8880]
Patient education and counseling [0738-3991]
Patient education management [1087-0296]
Patient experience journal [2372-0247]
Patient Intelligence
Patient management [1099-4777]
Patient preference and adherence [1177-889X]
Patient Related Outcome Measures
Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Journal [2345-4482]
Patient safety in surgery [1754-9493]
Patient safety & quality healthcare [1553-6637]
Patologia Polska [0031-3114]
Patria [0864-2095]
Patrimoine [1201-6128]
Patrimonium [1857-5811]
Patrin [1481-3440]
The Patriot
The patriot [1041-4029]
The Patriot Ledger
The Patriot ledger [0889-2253]
Patriot News
The Patriot News Harrisburg Pa
Patriot News (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
Patriot-News, The (Harrisburg, PA)
Patriot (Russian Language)
Pattern Analysis and Applications [1433-7541]
Pattern recognition [0031-3203]
Pattern recognition and image analysis [1054-6618]
Pattern recognition in physics [2195-9242]
Pattern recognition letters [0167-8655]
Patterns of prejudice [0031-322X]
Pattrika [0972-2866]
Paul Gillin's Blog: Social Media and the Open Enterprise
Paul Krugman: The Conscience of a Liberal
Paula Zahn Now (CNN)
The paumanok review [1528-9370]
Pausa (Barcelona) [1699-6070]
Pavement [1098-5875]
Pavement maintenance & reconstruction [1091-0158]
Paving Paradise: Sprawl's Impact on Wildlife & Wild Places in California
Pax et libertas [0031-3327]
Pax international [1206-5714]
Pay Per Click IQ ( Newstex Blogs )
Pay TV [1469-476X]
Payavard Salamat [1735-8132]
Payment system
Payment System News
Payments cards & mobile [1759-829X]
Payments source [2153-0688]
Payments System Board annual report [1448-532X]
PaymentsSource (web content)
Payroll manager's letter [0895-7975]
Payroll Manager's Report [1098-2244]
Payroll Practitioner's Monthly
Payroll Practitioner's Monthly [1047-6571]
Payroll practitioner's state tax alert [1529-2290]
Payroll Practitioner`s State Tax Alert
Les Pays les moins avancés [0257-8107]
Paysage Actualités (French Language) [0395-2918]
PB Newsletter, The: Reporting on Privatization in the enlarged Europe
PBO BLAD [0920-4865]
PBS: The Charlie Rose Show
PBS: The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
PC [0745-2500]
PC actual [1130-9954]
PC Business Products
PC/Computing [0899-1847]
PC Gamers
PC graphics & video [1077-5862]
PC Guia
PC magazine [0888-8507]
PC Magazine (Italian Language) [1128-8760]
PC magazine. Russian edition [0869-4257]
Pc Magazine Uk [0965-2132]
PC Pymes Spain
PC quest [0971-216X]
PC week [0740-1604]
PC Week Online from ZDWire
Pc Welt [0175-0496]
PC world [0737-8939]
PC World.Com
PC world Norge [0801-5236]
PC World Spain (Spanish Language)
PC WorldCom
PCAOB reporter [1548-7865]
PCAS newsletter [0270-6776]
PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics [1463-9076]
PCG Vantage, The
PCI journal [0887-9672]
PCI. Performance chemicals international [1368-2172]
The PCIA Washington bulletin [1522-6867]
PCIM power electronic systems [1523-4908]
PCLA [1518-9406]
The PCNetter newsletter [0893-8075]
PCP Forum - Journal for Protection of Cultural Property Issues
PCS Systems & Technology
PCT gazette [0250-7757]
PCT newsletter [1020-072X]
PD. European journal of pediatric dermatology [1122-7672]
PD Journal (Korean Language)
PDC: Participatory Design
PDF for Lawyers ( Newstex Blogs )
PDS's Japan Auto Industry Survey
Peabody Journal of Education [0161-956X]
Peace and Conflict Review [1659-3995]
Peace and conflict studies [1082-7307]
Peace and Democracy in South Asia
Peace and Freedom [0015-9093]
The Peace arch news [0700-9003]
Peace & change [0149-0508]
Peace & Conflict
Peace, conflict and development [1742-0601]
Peace, Conflict and Development: An Interdisciplinary Journal
Peace Country Sun
Peace economics, peace science, and public policy [1079-2457]
Peace forum [1229-2168]
Peace magazine [0826-9521]
Peace news [0380-1926]
Peace news for nonviolent revolution [0031-3548]
Peace newsletter [0735-4134]
Peace review [1040-2659]
Peace River Record Gazette
Peace watch [1080-9864]
Peacekeeping & International Relations [1187-3485]
Peacework [0748-0725]
PEB échanges [1018-9319]
PEB Exchange : the Journal of the OECD Programme on Educational Building [1018-9327]
PEB Papers [1990-0260]
Pebble Lake review [1551-3912]
Les pêches maritimes du Québec, revue statistique annuelle [1209-0506]
Pecia Complutense [1698-272X]
Pecvnia [1699-9495]
PedActa [2248-3527]
Pedagogia i Treball Social
Pedagogia Social [1139-1723]
Pedagogía universitaria [1609-4808]
Pedagogicka Orientace [1211-4669]
Pedagogics [2072-8395]
Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports [1818-9172]
Pedagogika [1392-0340] [1338-0982]
Pedagogische studiën [0165-0645]
Pedagogy [1531-4200]
Pediatría [1683-979X]
Pediatría atención primaria [1139-7632]
La Pediatria medica e chirurgica [0391-5387]
Pediatric allergy and immunology [0905-6157]
Pediatric allergy, immunology, and pulmonology [2151-321X]
Pediatric and developmental pathology [1093-5266]
Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care Journal [2281-8421]
Pediatric Annals [0090-4481]
Pediatric blood & cancer [1545-5009]
Pediatric cardiology [0172-0643]
Pediatric clinics Amsterdam [0928-7868]
Pediatric dentistry [0164-1263]
Pediatric dermatology [0736-8046]
Pediatric diabetes [1399-543X]
Pediatric emergency medicine reports [1082-3344]
Pediatric health [1745-5111]
Pediatric Health, Medicine and Therapeutics [1179-9927]
Pediatric hematology and oncology [0888-0018]
Pediatric Infectious Disease [2212-8328]
Pediatric nephrology [0931-041X]
Pediatric neurology [0887-8994]
Pediatric neurology briefs [1043-3155]
Pediatric neurosurgery [1016-2291]
Pediatric news [0031-398X]
Pediatric nursing [0097-9805]
Pediatric Obesity [2047-6302]
Pediatric pathology & molecular medicine [1522-7952]
Pediatric pulmonology [8755-6863]
Pediatric radiology [0301-0449]
Pediatric rehabilitation [1363-8491]
Pediatric reports [2036-749X]
Pediatric research [0031-3998]
Pediatric rheumatology online journal [1546-0096]
Pediatric surgery international [0179-0358]
Pediatric surgery update [1089-7739]
Pediatric transplantation [1397-3142]
Pediatric Urology Case Reports [2148-2969]
Pediatrics [0031-4005]
Pediatrics for parents [0730-6725]
Pediatrics international [1328-8067]
Pediatrics & neonatology [1875-9572]
Pediatrics Week
Pediatrisk endokrinologi [0801-5732]
Pedijatrija Danas: Pediatrics Today [1840-0914]
Pedobiologia [0031-4056]
Pédologie [0079-0419]
PEER center news [1521-3714]
Peer Review [1541-1389]
PEER Review FL
Peer-to-peer networking and applications [1936-6442]
PeerJ [2167-8359]
Peers and Members of the House of Lords
Peerspectives [2187-1191]
Pegasus [1436-3461]
Pegasus: Wissenschaftliche Onlinezeitschrift zur Didaktik und Methodik der Fächer Latein und Griechisch
peHUB [2331-155X]
PEI Asia [1751-2948]
Peitho : Exa­mina Anti­qua [2082-7539]
Pejvad Journal [2322-2999]
Pelagos [1124-397X]
Pèlerin magazine [0764-4663]
Pelham news [1487-0983]
Pelham Research
Pelican news [0031-4161]
Pelita perkebunan [0215-0212]
Pella Chronicle (IA)
Pelvi-Perineologie [1778-3712]
Pembroke Daily Observer (ON)
Pembroke Observer (Ontario)
Pembrokeshire Farmer
Pen & paddle [1713-9856]
Penal issues [1155-4169]
Penang Economic Monthly
Penarth Times
Pendle Express (Burnley, England) [1355-9710]
Pendulum [0704-481X]
The Pendulum ( Newstex Blogs )
Penelitian Gizi dan Makanan [0125-9717]
Penélope [0871-7486]
Penélope. Revista de História e Cięncias Sociais
Peninsula daily news [1050-7000]
Peninsula Gateway, The (Gig Harbor, WA)
Peninsula News Review
Peninsula News Review (Sidney, British Columbia)
Peninsula (Qatar)
Peninsula Weekly Mornington
Penn bioethics journal [2150-5462]
Penn Bioethics Journal: PBJ
Penn McNair Research Journal
Penn State journal of law & international affairs [2168-7951]
Penn Today Online
Pennsboro news [1086-1254]
PennState agriculture [0889-5929]
Pennsylvania Ave [Morning Call, Allentown, Pennsylvania - BLOG]
Pennsylvania Bar Association quarterly [0196-2051]
Pennsylvania bulletin [0162-2137]
Pennsylvania business and technology [1065-0261]
Pennsylvania code reporter [0746-1852]
Pennsylvania CPA Journal [0746-1062]
Pennsylvania Department of Banking Releases
Pennsylvania Discovery and Evidence Reporter
Pennsylvania discovery and evidence reporter [1075-6582]
Pennsylvania employment law [1932-2208]
Pennsylvania employment law letter [1052-4363]
Pennsylvania environmental compliance update [1072-9143]
The Pennsylvania gazette [1520-4650]
Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House of Representatives.
Pennsylvania. General Assembly. Senate.
Pennsylvania geology [0048-3214]
Pennsylvania history [0031-4528]
Pennsylvania Industry Environmental Advisor
The Pennsylvania lawyer [0193-4821]
Pennsylvania libraries [2324-7878]
The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (1877-1906) [0031-4587]
The Pennsylvania nurse [0031-4617]
Pennsylvania Public Employee Reporter
Penrith Press
Pensamento plural [1982-2707]
Pensamento & realidade [1415-5109]
Pensamiento al Margen
Pensamiento constitucional [1027-6769]
Pensamiento crítico [0717-7224]
Pensamiento educativo [0719-0409]
Pensamiento iberoamericano [0212-0208]
Pensamiento Juridíco [0122-1108]
Pensamiento Matemático [2174-0410]
Pensamiento propio [1016-9628]
Pensamiento Psicológico [1657-8961]
Pensamiento y cultura [0123-0999]
Pensamiento y gestion [1657-6276]
Pensando Psicología [1900-3099]
Pensando : Revista de Filosofia [2178-843X]
Pensar a Prática [1415-4676]
Pensar Contábil [2177-417X]
Pensar en Movimiento : Revista de Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud [1409-0724]
Pensar la publicidad [1887-8598]
Penser l'éducation [1253-1006]
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Documents
Pension benefits [1063-2476]
Pension & Benefits Update
Pension Issues: Cash-Balance Plans
Pension management [1078-9766]
Pension plan administrator [1076-030X]
Pension Policy: The Connection to Job Stability and Job Security
Pension Risk Matters [Pension Governance, Inc. - BLOG]
Pension world [0098-1753]
Pensions age [1366-8366]
Pensions : An International Journal [1478-5315]
Pensions at a Glance Asia/Pacific [2309-0758]
Les pensions dans les pays de l'OCDE [1995-4034]
Pensions & Investments [1050-4974]
Pensions law reports [0959-8014]
Pensions Management
Pensions management [0269-7505]
Pensions Week [1366-8765]
PensionsWeek Getting the message across supplement
PensionsWeek Pensions law at home and abroad supplement
PensionsWeek Stand Out from the Crownd Supplement
Pensito Review
The pentagon [0031-4870]
Pentagon brief [1536-7304]
Pentagon brief [1536-9153]
PentecoStudies: Online Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movements [1871-7691]
Penticton Western News
Penton Insight
Penton's Controls & Systems [1061-0235]
Penton's welding magazine [1935-5572]
Penultimate Genius ( Newstex Blogs )
Pénzügyi szemle [0031-496X]
PEOPLE [0031-501X]
People [0307-7292]
People [0093-7673]
The People [0199-350X]
People en Espanol
People en Español [1096-5750]
People en Espaסol
People in the news [1062-2713]
People; London
People; London (UK)
People management [1358-6297]
People of the Century
People of the Century
People of today [1356-7802]
People on the move [2079-2743]
People, place and policy online [1753-8041]
People Profiles
People's Daily Online
People's Daily Online (Arabic Language)
People's Daily Online (Japanese Language)
People's Journal of Scientific Research [0974-6358]
People's Medical Society Newsletter [0736-4873]
People's Posts & Telecommunications
People's Railway (Chinese Language - Simplified)
People's Railway (Chinese Language - Traditional)
People's Republic of China Year Book [1000-9396]
People & strategy [1946-4606]
People style watch [1935-0457]
People, The
Peoples Republic of China YearBook
People’s Daily Online (Chinese Language - Simplified)
People’s Daily Online (French Language)
People’s Daily Online (Russian Language)
People’s Daily Online (Spanish Language)
The Peoria Journal Star
Pepe & Hazard's Connecticut environmental compliance update [1064-2382]
PEPM: ACM/SIGPLAN Workshop Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation
Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal
Pepperdine law review [0092-430X]
Peptides [0196-9781]
Per Abbat [1886-5046]
Per Abbat. Boletín Filológico de Actualización Académica y Didáctica
Per aspera ad veritatem [1126-5841]
PER Bulletins
Per linguam [0259-2312]
Per musi [1517-7599]
Perangkaan tambahan bulanan - Bank Negara Malaysia [0126-9380]
PERC policy series [1094-6551]
PERC reports [1095-3779]
Percentage of 3-, 4-, & 5-year-olds Enrolled in Center-Based Programs
Percepnet [1697-4131]
Perception [0301-0066]
Perception [0704-5263]
Perception and Psychophysics [0031-5117]
Perceptions [1300-8641]
Perceptions of Environmental Risks In Mozambique: Implications For theSuccess of Adaptation and Coping Strategies
Perceptual and motor skills [0031-5125]
Percurso [1678-569X]
Percurso Acadêmico : Revista Interdisciplinar da PUC Minas no Barreiro [2236-0603]
Peregrinations [1554-8678]
The Peregrine Fund Annual Report
Perfect beat [1038-2909]
Perfect Sourcing
Perfect World [The State, Columbia, South Carolina - BLOG]
Perfil de Coyuntura Económica [1657-4214]
Perfiles [1133-7036]
Perfiles Educativos [0185-2698]
Perfiles latinoamericanos [0188-7653]
Perform [1617-9927]
Performance : Annual Report
Performance Chemicals Europe [1469-3011]
Performance computing [1529-3963]
Performance Enhancement & Health [2211-2669]
Performance evaluation [0166-5316]
Performance evaluation review [0163-5999]
Performance improvement [1090-8811]
Performance Improvement Quarterly [0898-5952]
Performance & instruction [0273-5326]
Performance + instruction [0884-1985]
Performance magazine [1717-5321]
Performance measurement and metrics [1467-8047]
Performance paradigm [1832-5580]
Performance practice review [1044-1638]
Performance research [1352-8165]
Performance Research Associates
Performing Arts & Entertainment in Canada [1185-3433]
Performing arts international [1027-0000]
Performing arts journal [0735-8393]
Performing arts resources [0360-3814]
Performing Ethos [1757-1979]
The Performing songwriter [1068-9664]
Perfumer & flavorist [0272-2666]
Perfusion [0267-6591]
PERI [2175-1811]
Peridot Capitalist
The Peridot Capitalist ( Newstex Blogs )
Periferia [1885-8996]
Periférica [1577-1172]
Perífrasis : Revista de Literatura, Teoría y Crítica [2145-8987]
Perigee [1551-3130]
Perihelion [1524-4172]
Perinatologiâ i Pediatriâ [1992-5891]
Perinatología y reproducción humana [0187-5337]
La Perinola [1138-6363]
Perio reports [1055-0712]
Periodica Mathematica Hungarica [0031-5303]
Periodica polytechnica [0031-5311]
Periodica polytechnica [0031-532X]
Periodica polytechnica. Chemical engineering [0324-5853]
Periodica polytechnica civil engineering [0553-6626]
Periodica polytechnica. Electrical engineering [0324-6000]
Periodica polytechnica. Electrical engineering and computer science [2064-5260]
Periodica polytechnica. Engineering [0031-5338]
Periodica polytechnica. Humanities and social sciences [1216-0555]
Periodica polytechnica. Mechanical engineering [0324-6051]
Periodica polytechnica. Social and management sciences [1416-3837]
Periodica polytechnica. Transportation engineering [0303-7800]
El Periódico de Catalunya
El Periódico de Gijón
Periodico di mineralogia [0369-8963]
Periódico Tchê Química [1806-0374]
Periodicum biologorum [0031-5362]
Periodiko Epistīmīs & Technologias [1790-5613]
Periodische Blätter für die Mitglieder der Beiden Historischen Vereine des Großherzogthums und des Kurfürstenthums Hessen
Periodische Blätter für die Mitglieder des Vereins für Hessische Geschichte und Landeskunde
Periodontology 2000 [0906-6713]
Periodontology 2000 - Edicion en espanol [1695-1808]
Perioperative Medicine
Perioperative Medizin [1875-2772]
Periscoop [1201-9143]
Periscope Daily Defense News Capsules
Peritoneal dialysis international [0896-8608]
Perkin 1 [1470-4358]
Perkin 2 [1470-1820]
Perkins journal [0730-2142]
Perm vechernyaya
Permafrost and periglacial processes [1045-6740]
Permafrost in Switzerland [2296-6145]
Permanent missions to the United Nations [0252-0079]
The Permanente journal [1552-5767]
Permanente Journal, The
Permophiles [1684-5927]
Permskie Novosti
Permskij obozrevatel
Perner's Contacts [1801-674X]
Peronistas para el Debate Nacional: Testimonios, Aportes, Apuntes
The Perryman report [1047-8280]
The Perryman Texas letter [1052-5254]
Persbericht conjunctuurenquetes
Persbericht consumentenenquete
Persimmon [1529-7551]
Persistent quest : research activities ... / Japan Atomic Energy Research
Person centered & experiential psychotherapies [1477-9757]
Persona [1560-6139]
Persona y Bioética [0123-3122]
Persona y derecho [0211-4526]
Personal and ubiquitous computing [1617-4909]
Personal Computer World [0142-0232]
Personal computing [0192-5490]
Personal Data Protection (Russian Language)
Personal excellence [1078-6287]
Personal Finance ( Newstex Blogs )
Personal financial planning monthly [1535-413X]
Personal Injury Verdict Review
Personal injury verdict reviews [1067-2427]
Personal Investor (Melbourne, Vic.) (Melbourne, Vic)
Personal policy guide [1354-5035]
Personal relationships [1350-4126]
Personal report for the professional secretary [0893-2549]
Personal und Personalstellen an Hochschulen im Land Berlin
Personal- und Vorlesungsverzeichnis - Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt, Oder [0948-3268]
Personal-Verzeichnis der Badischen Ruprecht-Karls-Universität in Heidelberg
Personalblatt / Freie Universität Berlin
Personality and Individual Differences [0191-8869]
Personality and mental health [1932-8621]
Personality and social psychology review [1088-8683]
Personality disorders [1949-2715]
Personality profile [1049-2798]
Personality Profiles
Personality & social psychology bulletin [0146-1672]
Personalized Medicine Universe [2186-4950]
Personen- und Studienverzeichnis - Universität Augsburg [0938-2569]
Personen- und Vorlesungsverzeichnis - Universität Regensburg [0178-0972]
Personhistorisk tidskrift [0031-5699]
Personnel [0031-5702]
The Personnel and guidance journal [0031-5737]
Personnel journal [0031-5745]
Personnel Journal Global Workforce Supplement
Personnel Journal New Product News Supplement
Personnel Journal Recruitment Staffing Sourcebook Supplement
Personnel management [0031-5761]
Personnel manager's legal letter [1079-1043]
Personnel psychology [0031-5826]
Personnel review [0048-3486]
Personnel today [0959-5848]
Persoonia [0031-5850]
Perspecta [0079-0958]
Perspectiva Educacional [0716-0488]
Perspectiva geográfica [1808-866X]
Perspectiva / Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC). Centro de Ciências da Educação [0102-5473]
Perspectivas contemporâneas [1980-0193]
Perspectivas da Ciência e Tecnologia [1984-5693]
Perspectivas de la comunicación [0718-4867]
Perspectivas docentes [0188-3313]
Perspectivas Econômicas da América Latina [2079-9403]
Perspectivas Económicas de América Latina [2072-5191]
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informação [1413-9936]
Perspectivas em Gestão & Conhecimento [2236-417X]
Perspectivas en Nutricion Humana [0124-4108]
PERSPECTIVAS en politica, economia y gestion [0717-3768]
Perspectivas en psicología [1668-7175]
Perspectivas éticas [0717-9022]
Perspectivas Online : Biológicas e Saúde [2236-8868]
Perspectivas Online : Exatas e Engenharias [2236-885X]
Perspectivas Online: Humanas e Sociais Aplicadas [2236-8876]
Perspectivas urbanas [1695-5323]
Perspective [0384-8922]
Perspective [0888-9732]
Perspective [1071-4154]
Perspective [1915-1810]
Perspective infirmière [1708-1890]
Perspective Newsletter
Perspectives [0743-7021]
Perspectives [1062-1083]
Perspectives [1210-762X]
Perspectives [1360-3108]
Perspectives : 2000 & Beyond
Perspectives: A Journal of Historical Inquiry
Perspectives agricoles de l'OCDE et de la FAO [1563-0455]
Perspectives chinoises [1021-9013]
Perspectives de l'acier de l'OCDE [1995-3925]
Perspectives de l'emploi de l'OCDE [0256-6192]
Perspectives de l'environment de l'OCDE [1995-4131]
Perspectives de l'investissement international [1999-0944]
Perspectives de l'OCDE sur les PME [1999-1398]
Perspectives de la science, de la technologie et de l'industrie [1028-8155]
Les perspectives des communications de l'OCDE [1562-8809]
Perspectives des migrations internationales [1993-0232]
Perspectives des technologies de l'information [1999-1452]
Perspectives du développement mondial [2222-4483]
Perspectives économiques de l'Amérique latine [2072-5175]
Perspectives économiques de l'OCDE [0304-3274]
Perspectives économiques de l'OCDE : statistiques et projections
Perspectives économiques en Afrique [1815-9508]
Perspectives économiques et revue financière de l'Ontario [1483-5983]
Perspectives for Managers [1027-7404]
Perspectives in Asian leisure and tourism [1947-5071]
Perspectives in biology and medicine [0031-5982]
Perspectives in cardiology [0828-6396]
Perspectives in Clinical Research [2229-3485]
Perspectives in drug discovery and design [0928-2866]
Perspectives in health [1020-5551]
Perspectives in health information management [1559-4122]
Perspectives in International Librarianship [2219-8962]
Perspectives in Landscape Design
Perspectives In Medical Research [2348-1447]
Perspectives in medicinal chemistry [1177-391X]
Perspectives in Medicine [2211-968X]
Perspectives in plant ecology, evolution and systematics [1433-8319]
Perspectives in Psychiatric Care [0031-5990]
Perspectives in public affairs [1948-1764]
Perspectives in public health [1757-9139]
Perspectives in Science [2213-0209]
Perspectives in Total Compensation
Perspectives in Vaccinology [2210-7622]
Perspectives in vascular surgery and endovascular therapy [1531-0035]
Perspectives in vernacular architecture [0887-9885]
Perspectives internationales et européennes [1773-0236]
Perspectives médiévales [0338-2338]
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business [1804-0519]
Perspectives of new music [0031-6016]
Perspectives on anarchist theory [1715-7552]
Perspectives on business and economics [1948-6839]
Perspectives on European Politics and Society [1570-5854]
Perspectives on federalism [2036-5438]
Perspectives on Global Development [2222-4467]
Perspectives on global development and technology [1569-1500]
Perspectives on history [1940-8048]
Perspectives on Labour and Income [0840-8750]
Perspectives on labour and income [1492-496X]
Perspectives on Language and Literacy [1935-1291]
Perspectives on political science [1045-7097]
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Perspectives on sexual and reproductive health [1538-6341]
Perspectives on terrorism [2334-3745]
Perspectives on terrorism : a journal of the Terrorism Research Initiative
Perspectives on Urban Education
Perspectives :teaching legal research and writing.
Perspektiv - Frederiksberg [1904-7940]
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Perspektiven: Christsein und Gemeinde Heute
Perspektiven der Forschung und ihrer Förderung [0933-1271]
Perspektiven der wirtschaftspolitik [1465-6493]
Perspektiven historischen Denkens und Lernens [1860-5753]
Perspektiven: Informationen und Impulse der deutschen Entsorgungswirtschaft
Perspektivy : Sborník o Spolecnosti
Perspicuitas: Internet-Periodicum für Mediävistische Sprach-, Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft
Persuasions [0821-0314]
Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal On-Line
Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal On-Line [1559-7520]
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Perth Communities (Australia)
The Perth courier [0834-6852]
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Perú económico [1018-0621]
Peru quarterly forecast report [1474-855X]
Perush, an Online Journal of Jewish Scholarship and Interpretation
Pervasive and mobile computing [1574-1192]
Pervij Ryad
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Pesquisa & desenvolvimento engenharia de produção [1679-5830]
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Pesquisa em Foco [0103-5762]
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Pesquisa Operacional para o Desenvolvimento [1984-3534]
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Pesquisas e práticas psicossociais [1809-8908]
Pesquisas em discurso pedagógico [1980-9697]
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Pest management professional [1939-9227]
Pest Management Regulatory Agency - Annual Report
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Pesticide biochemistry and physiology [0048-3575]
Pesticide & Chemical Policy
Pesticide outlook [0956-1250]
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Pesticides in Foods: What You Should Know
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Der Petitionsausschuß des Deutschen Bundestages : Bitten und Beschwerden an den Deutschen Bundestag ; die Tätigkeit des Petitionsausschusses des Deutschen Bundestages im Jahr ..
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Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti Bulletin, Mathematics - Informatics - Physics Series
Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti Bulletin, Philology Series
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Petronian Society Newsletter, The
Petrovka, 38
Peuple Lévis (French Language)
Peuple Lotbinière (French Language)
Peuples noirs peuples africains [0181-4087]
Pez de Plata: Bibliotecas Públicas a la Vanguardia [0718-0039]
Pfälzische Bibliographie [0553-9013]
Pfarrer & PC
Pferdeheilkunde [0177-7726]
PFI Report
PFI report [1364-7768]
Pflanzenschutz-Kontrollprogramm Jahresbericht
Pflanzenschutz-Nachrichten Bayer [0170-0405]
Pflanzenschutz-Nachrichten Bayer [0340-1723]
Pflegegeschichte Online [1438-4736]
Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology [0031-6768]
PH-Akzente Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich
PH. Boletín del Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico [1136-1867]
PH-FR : Zeitschrift der Pädagogischen Hochschule Freiburg [1611-0390]
PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture [1911-1576]
Phanza: E-Journal
Phanzine : newsletter of the Professional Historians' Association of New Zealand/Aotearoa [1173-4124]
Phare : Patrimoine & Histoire en Afrique ; Recherches et Expériences
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Pharmaceuticals policy and law [1389-2827]
Pharmaceutics [1999-4923]
Der pharmacia lettre [0975-5071]
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PharmacoEconomics & Outcomes News [1173-5503]
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Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine [1178-7066]
Pharmacogenomics journal [1470-269X]
Pharmacognosy journal [0975-3575]
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Pharmacognosy research [0976-4836]
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Pharmacological Reports [1734-1140]
Pharmacological research [1043-6618]
Pharmacological reviews [0031-6997]
Pharmacology [0031-7012]
Pharmacology, biochemistry and behavior [0091-3057]
Pharmacology matters : the newsletter of the British Pharmacological Society [1757-8175]
Pharmacology Research & Perspectives [2052-1707]
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Die Pharmazeutische Industrie [0031-711X]
Pharmazeutische Zeitung [0174-1683]
Pharmazeutische Zeitung, vereinigt mit Apotheker-Zeitung [0031-7136]
Pharos-Tribune (Logansport, IN)
Phase transitions [0141-1594]
Phasmid studies [0966-0011]
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Phelsuma [1026-5023]
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Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences [1568-7759]
Phenomenology & Practice [1913-4711]
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The Philippine Business Report
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Philosophical investigations [0190-0536]
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Philosophical magazine. A, Physics of condensed matter, defects and mechanical properties [0141-8610]
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Philosophical nature [0974-4215]
Philosophical papers and reviews
Philosophical perspectives [1520-8583]
Philosophical Practice [1742-8173]
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The Philosophical review [0031-8108]
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Philosophical Transactions [0370-2316]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London [0261-0523]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. (A.) [0264-3820]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. (B.) [0264-3839]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical or Physical Character [0264-3952]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences [0080-4614]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A: Physical and Engineering Sciences [0962-8428]
Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences [0080-4622]
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Containing Papers of a Biological Character [0264-3960]
Philosophical transactions - Royal Society. Biological sciences [0962-8436]
Philosophical transactions - Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and engineering sciences [1364-503X]
Philosophie Pratique (French Language)
Philosophiemonatsbrief [1863-7396]
Philosophische Studien
Philosophische und historische Abhandlungen der Königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenschaft zu Edinburgh
Philósophos : Revista de Filosofia [1414-2236]
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Philosophy and geography [1090-3771]
Philosophy and literature [0190-0013]
Philosophy and phenomenological research [0031-8205]
Philosophy and Public Affairs [0048-3915]
Philosophy and theory in biology [1949-0739]
Philosophy East and West [0031-8221]
Philosophy, ethics, and humanities in medicine [1747-5341]
Philosophy for business [2043-0736]
Philosophy in review [1206-5269]
Philosophy in the contemporary world [1077-1999]
Philosophy of education [8756-6575]
Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal [1465-2978]
Philosophy of music education review [1063-5734]
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Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology : PPP [1071-6076]
Philosophy & public policy quarterly [1067-2478]
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Phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon and the related elements [1042-6507]
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Photo trade news [0031-8590]
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Photochemical & photobiological sciences [1474-905X]
Photochemistry and photobiology [0031-8655]
Photodermatology, photoimmunology & photomedicine [0905-4383]
Photodiagnosis and photodynamic therapy [1572-1000]
Photogrammetria [0031-8663]
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing [0099-1112]
The photogrammetric journal of Finland [0554-1069]
The photogrammetric record [0031-868X]
Photographic processing [0031-8744]
Photomedicine and laser surgery [1549-5418]
Photonic Network Communications [1387-974X]
Photonic Sensors [1674-9251]
Photonics and nanostructures [1569-4410]
Photonics buyers' guide [2155-3386]
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Photosynthetica [0300-3604]
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Phyllomedusa [1519-1397]
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Phylon [0885-6818]
The Phylon quarterly [0885-6826]
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Physica B + C [0378-4363]
Physica. B, Condensed matter [0921-4526]
Physica. C, Superconductivity [0921-4534]
Physica D. Nonlinear phenomena [0167-2789]
Physica. E, Low-dimensional systems & nanostructures [1386-9477]
Physica medica [1120-1797]
Physica Scripa
Physica scripta [0031-8949]
Physica scripta. T [0281-1847]
Physica status solidi. A, Applications and materials science [1862-6300]
Physica status solidi. A, Applied research [0031-8965]
Physica status solidi. B, Basic research [0370-1972]
Physica status solidi. C, Conferences and critical reviews [1610-1634]
Physica status solidi. C, Current topics in solid state physics [1862-6351]
Physica status solidi. Rapid research letters [1862-6254]
Physical Activity Review [2300-5076]
Physical biology [1478-3967]
Physical Chemistry Research [2322-5521]
Physical communication [1874-4907]
Physical Culture and Sport Studies and Research [2081-2221]
Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section quarterly [1093-7234]
The Physical educator [0031-8981]
Physical medicine and rehabilitation [0888-7357]
Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics [0270-3181]
Physical & occupational therapy in pediatrics [0194-2638]
Physical oceanography [0928-5105]
Physical review [0031-899X]
Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics [1050-2947]
Physical review. A, General physics [0556-2791]
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams [2469-9888]
Physical review. B, Condensed matter [0163-1829]
Physical review. B, Rapid communications [1089-4896]
Physical review. B, Solid state [0556-2805]
Physical review. C, Nuclear physics [0556-2813]
Physical review. D. Particles and fields [0556-2821]
Physical review. D. Particles, fields, gravitation, and cosmology [1550-7998]
Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics [1539-3755]
Physical review. E, Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics [1063-651X]
Physical review focus [1539-0748]
Physical review letters [0031-9007]
Physical Review Online Archive (PROLA)
Physical Review Physics Education Research [2469-9896]
Physical Review & Research International [2231-1815]
Physical review special topics. Accelerators and beams
Physical review special topics. Physics education research [1554-9178]
Physical review x [2160-3308]
Physical separation in science engineering [1478-6478]
Physical Therapy [0031-9023]
Physical therapy in sport [1466-853X]
Physical therapy reviews [1083-3196]
Physical training [1492-1685]
Physicalische und medicinische Abhandlungen der Königlichen Academie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin
The Physician and sportsmedicine [0091-3847]
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Physician Business Week
Physician Business Week [1552-907X]
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Physician Law Weekly
Physician Law Weekly [1551-529X]
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Physician's money digest [1097-7139]
Physician's weekly [1047-3793]
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Physics [1943-2879]
Physics and chemistry of liquids [0031-9104]
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals [0342-1791]
Physics and chemistry of the earth [0079-1946]
Physics and chemistry of the earth [1474-7065]
Physics and chemistry of the earth. Part A: Solid earth and geodesy [1464-1895]
Physics and chemistry of the earth. Part B: Hydrology, oceans and atmosphere [1464-1909]
Physics and chemistry of the earth. Part C: Solar-terrestrial and planetary science [1464-1917]
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Physics and Philosophy [1863-7388]
Physics and society [1049-4162]
Physics Connect
Physics education [0031-9120]
Physics essays [0836-1398]
Physics in medicine and biology [0031-9155]
Physics in perspective [1422-6944]
Physics in technology [0305-4624]
Physics Journal of the Indonesian Physical Society [1410-8860]
Physics letters [0031-9163]
Physics letters. A [0375-9601]
Physics letters. B [0370-2693]
Physics of atomic nuclei [1063-7788]
Physics of fluids [1070-6631]
The Physics of fluids [0031-9171]
Physics of fluids. A, Fluid dynamics [0899-8213]
Physics of fluids. B, Plasma physics [0899-8221]
Physics of Life Reviews [1571-0645]
The Physics of Metals and Metallography [0031-918X]
Physics of Particles and Nuclei [1063-7796]
Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters [1547-4771]
Physics of plasmas [1070-664X]
Physics of the Dark Universe [2212-6864]
Physics of the earth and planetary interiors [0031-9201]
Physics of the solid state [1063-7834]
Physics of Wave Phenomena [1541-308X]
Physics reports [0370-1573]
Physics Research International [2090-2220]
The Physics teacher [0031-921X]
Physics today [0031-9228]
Physics Uspekhi [1063-7869]
Physics Week
Physics Week [1944-2653]
Physics world [0953-8585]
Physik AT
Physik in unserer Zeit [0031-9252]
Physik und Didaktik in Schule und Hochschule [1865-5521]
Physikalische Blätter [0031-9279]
Physio-géo [1958-573X]
Physiologia plantarum [0031-9317]
Physiological and biochemical zoology [1522-2152]
Physiological and molecular plant pathology [0885-5765]
Physiological chemistry and physics and medical NMR [0748-6642]
Physiological entomology [0307-6962]
Physiological genomics [1094-8341]
Physiological measurement [0967-3334]
Physiological Reports [2051-817X]
Physiological Research [0862-8408]
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Physiological zoology [0031-935X]
Physiologie Expérimentale: Travaux du Laboratoire de Marey
The Physiologist [0031-9376]
Physiologiste Russe, Le
Physiology [1548-9213]
Physiology and Molecular Biology of Plants [0971-5894]
Physiology and Pharmacology [1735-0581]
Physiology & behavior [0031-9384]
Physiology journal [2314-4300]
Physiology news [1476-7996]
Physioquébec [0706-4284]
Physiotherapy [0031-9406]
Physiotherapy Issues / Themata Fisikotherapeias [1108-4839]
Physiotherapy research international [1358-2267]
Physiotherapy theory and practice [0959-3985]
Physis [0103-7331]
Phyto-Therapie Austria [1997-5007]
PhytoChem & BioSub Journal [2170-1768]
Phytochemical analysis [0958-0344]
Phytochemistry [0031-9422]
Phytochemistry letters [1874-3900]
Phytochemistry Reviews [1568-7767]
PhytoKeys [1314-2011]
Phytologia [0031-9430]
Phytologia Balcanica [1310-7771]
Phytomedicine [0944-7113]
Phyton [0079-2047]
Phytoneuron [2153-733X]
Phytoparasitica [0334-2123]
Phytopathologia Mediterranea [0031-9465]
Phytopathologische Zeitschrift [0031-9481]
Phytopathology [0031-949X]
Phytopathology news [0031-9503]
Phytothérapie [1624-8597]
Pi in the Sky
Pi in the Sky
Pi K Praxis Der Informationsverarbeitung Und Kommunikation Fachzeitschrift Fu [0930-5157]
PI perspective [1058-7454]
PI. Project & interieur [1384-4415]
Piako Post (New Zealand) [1170-103X]
Piano & keyboard [1067-3881]
Piante grasse [0394-9990]
Pianura (Cremona) [1722-5493]
Piatigorskaia Pravda, Piatigorsk (Russian Language)
Picadero (Instituto Nacional del Teatro (Argentina))
PICES Press [1195-2512]
PICES Scientific Report [1198-273X]
Pickering news [1707-5513]
Picoides [0836-060X]
Pictogram : ICT-magazine voor de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen [1389-2886]
Picture Business [1553-6386]
Pictures of the future : die Zeitschrift für Forschung und Innovation [1618-548X]
Picturing Justice: The On-line Journal of Law & Popular Culture
PIDE Lectures in Economics
PIDE Lectures in Economics
Piedra y Canto. Cuadernos del CELIM [0328-1094]
Pierce County Code
Pierce law review [1543-138X]
Pig Farming [0031-9759]
Pigment cell & melanoma research [1755-1471]
Pigment cell research [0893-5785]
Pigment & resin technology [0369-9420]
Pilgrimages : A Journal of Dorothy Richardson Studies [2050-9502]
The Pilot [0031-9821]
Pilot and Feasibility Studies [2055-5784]
Pilot, Der: Politisch-Belletristisches Wochenblatt zur allgemeinen Auswanderungs-Zeitung
PIMA magazine [1046-4352]
PIMA's ... papermaker [1093-670X]
Pimatziwin [1705-7841]
Pimp Your Work
Pincher Creek Echo
Pine Bluff Commercial
Pine Journal, The (Cloquet, MN)
Pine Rivers Press [0981-9274]
Pine Rivers Press
Pinigų studijos [1392-2637]
Pink [1552-9576]
The Pink
The Pink Sheet (Available through Third Party Subscription Services)
Pinnacle [0838-6765]
PINNACLE ( CNN Financial All )
The Mofa Quarterly
taiwan jian yiyuan xue hui zazhi/#/臺灣健康醫院學會雜誌 [2307-5104]
漢語基督教學術論評/#/Sino-Christian Studies [1990-2670]
PIONEER [0048-4202]
The Pioneer (India)
Pioneer (New Delhi, India)
Pioneiro - Online Edition (Portuguese Language)
Pioneiro (Portuguese Language)
Pipe Dream
Pipe line & gas industry [1079-8765]
Pipeline [0148-4443]
Pipeline and Gas Technology [1540-3688]
Pipeline digest [0197-1506]
Pipeline & Gas Journal [0032-0188]
Pipeline & utilities construction [0896-1069]
Pipette [1661-0903]
Pirineos [0213-8220]
Pirineos [0373-2568]
PISA [1990-8520]
PISA [1990-8547]
PISA à la loupe [2226-0927]
PISA in Focus [2226-0919]
PISA newsletter [1715-4626]
Piŝevaâ promyšlennostʹ [0235-2486]
Pisma Mariana Smoluchowskiego
Pisʹma v žurnal "Fizika èlementarnyh častic i atomnogo âdra" [1814-5957]
PISTES [1481-9384]
Pit & quarry [0032-0293]
Pit & quarry [1527-4594]
Pitágoras 500 [2237-387X]
The Pitch (Kansas City)
Pitch (Kansas City), The
Pitch Weekly (Kansas City KS & Kansas City MO)
The Pitt News
Pitt Watch
Pittieria [0554-2111]
Pittsburgh [0194-8431]
Pittsburgh Business Times [0883-7910]
Pittsburgh business times [1097-1394]
Pittsburgh journal of environmental and public health law [2164-7976]
Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy
The Pittsburgh Journal of Technology Law and Policy
Pittsburgh journal of technology law & policy [2164-800X]
Pittsburgh post-gazette [1068-624X]
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pittsburgh, PA)
Pittsburgh tax review [1932-1821]
Pittsburgh Tribune Review
Pittsburgh Tribune Review (PA)
The Pittsburgh undergraduate review [0734-3140]
Pitture e vernici [0048-4245]
Pituitary [1386-341X]
Pivo i napitki
Pivot: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies and Thought
Pixel-Bit [1133-8482]
Pizza today [0743-3115]
PJR reports [1656-5843]
PKV Publik [0723-8959]
PKV publik [0176-3261]
Place Branding [1744-070X]
Place branding and public diplomacy [1751-8040]
Placenta [0143-4004]
Placer son Argent (French Language)
Places [0731-0455]
Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm
PLAGAL memorandum
Plagiary [1559-3096]
Plain Dealer
The Plain dealer [0701-0877]
Plain Dealer; Cleveland, Ohio
Plainly Speaking [New Haven Register - BLOG]
Plains Anthropologist [0032-0447]
Plainsong and medieval music [0961-1371]
Plan [0032-0536]
Plan Adviser
Plan d'action à l'égard des personnes handicapées [1919-0891]
Plan d'action ... de la Société d'habitation du Québec à l'égard des personnes handicapées [1915-5131]
Plan d'action régional - Emploi-Québec. Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine [1499-2280]
Plan de actividades de la CNMV
Plan sponsor [1077-1816]
Plan stratégique
Plan stratégique [1914-539X]
Plan stratégique - Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec
Plan stratégique (Société d'habitation du Québec) [1497-3359]
Plan to Coordinate NEHRP Post-Earthquake Investigations
Planadviser [1935-9098]
PLANADVISER (web content)
Plane Buzz ( Newstex Blogs )
Plane & pilot [0032-0617]
Planejamento e politicas publicas [0103-4138]
Planer + Installateur [1662-3983]
Planet [1473-1835]
Planet Aerospace [1616-7848]
Planet earth [1479-2605]
Planet moron [1075-2102]
Planet Wall Street
Planet Wireless
Planet Wireless [1474-5666]
Planet : Zeitung der Grünen Bildungswerkstatt
Planetary and space science [0032-0633]
Planned Giving: Management, Marketing, and Law
Planned giving today [1052-4770]
The Planner [0895-3570]
Planning [0001-2610]
Planning [1467-2073]
Planning Advisory Service Report [0048-430X]
Planning and Changing [0032-0684]
Planning & Environmental Law [1556-8601]
Planning for Higher Education [0736-0983]
Planning & Markets (P&M)
Planning news [0885-6737]
Planning perspectives [0266-5433]
Planning practice + research [0269-7459]
Planning statistics [0791-4318]
Planning statistics quarterly [0791-430X]
Planning theory [1473-0952]
Planning theory & practice [1464-9357]
PLANSPONSOR (web content)
Plant and soil [0032-079X]
Plant biology [1435-8603]
Plant Biosystems [1126-3504]
Plant Biotechnology [1342-4580]
Plant biotechnology journal [1467-7644]
Plant Biotechnology Reports [1863-5466]
Plant breeding [0179-9541]
Plant breeding and genetics newsletter [1564-2569]
Plant Cell [1040-4651]
Plant, cell & environment [0140-7791]
Plant & Cell Physiology [0032-0781]
Plant Cell Reports [0721-7714]
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC) [0167-6857]
Plant disease [0191-2917]
Plant ecology [1385-0237]
Plant ecology and diversity [1755-0874]
Plant Ecology and Evolution [2032-3913]
Plant engineering [0032-082X]
Plant Evaluation Notes
Plant foods for human nutrition [0921-9668]
Plant Genetic Resources [1479-2621]
Plant Growth Regulation [0167-6903]
Plant health progress [1535-1025]
Plant inventory [1936-6523]
Plant journal [0960-7412]
Plant Knowledge Journal [2200-5390]
Plant methods [1746-4811]
Plant molecular biology [0167-4412]
Plant molecular biology reporter [0735-9640]
Plant omics [1836-0661]
Plant/operations progress [0278-4513]
Plant Patents
Plant pathology [0032-0862]
Plant Pathology Journal [1598-2254]
Plant pathology journal [1812-5387]
Plant Photoreceptors
Plant physiology [0032-0889]
Plant physiology and biochemistry [0981-9428]
The Plant press [0826-2268]
Plant Production Science [1343-943X]
Plant protection quarterly [0815-2195]
Plant Protection Science [1212-2580]
Plant Reproduction [2194-7953]
Plant root [1881-6754]
Plant science [0168-9452]
Plant science bulletin [0032-0919]
Plant Science Feed [2231-1971]
Plant sciences research [1995-476X]
Plant, soil and environment [1214-1178]
Plant species biology [0913-557X]
Plant systematics and evolution [0378-2697]
Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology [1817-3721]
Plant varieties journal [1188-1534]
Plant varieties journal [1911-1460]
Plant & works engineering [0262-0227]
The Plant world [0096-8307]
Planta [0032-0935]
Planta daninha [0100-8358]
Plants [2223-7747]
Plants & people Society for Economic Botany newsletter
Plants, sites & parks [0191-2933]
planung und analyse
Planungsrundschau [1617-7037]
Plasma and fusion research
Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing [0272-4324]
Plasma devices and operations [1051-9998]
Plasma medicine [1947-5764]
Plasma Physics [0032-1028]
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion [0741-3335]
Plasma physics reports [1063-780X]
Plasma Science and Technology [1009-0630]
Plasma sources science & technology [0963-0252]
Plasmas and Polymers [1084-0184]
Plasmas & ions [1288-3255]
Plasmid [0147-619X]
Plasmonics [1557-1955]
Plastic and Aesthetic Research [2347-9264]
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open [2169-7574]
Plastic Surgery International [2090-1461]
Plastic surgical nursing [0741-5206]
Plástico Industrial [1808-3528]
Plasticos em Revista [0032-1133]
Plastics additives & compounding [1464-391X]
Plastics Engineering [0091-9578]
Plastics in Canada [1198-225X]
Plastics Insights [1544-9475]
Plastics News [0971-3689]
Plastics news [1042-802X]
Plastics, rubber and composites [1465-8011]
Plastics technology [0032-1257]
Plastics world [0032-1273]
Plastir: revue transdisciplinaire de plasticité humaine
Der Plastverarbeiter [0032-1338]
Platelets [0953-7104]
Platform [1751-0171]
PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication [1836-5132]
Platinum [0268-7305]
Platinum metals review [0032-1400]
Plato [2079-7567]
Plato: Internet Journal of the International Plato Society
Platow Asien Kompass
Platow - Börse
Platow - Brief
Platow Brief [1431-3863]
Platow - Emerging Markets
Platow emerging markets [1439-1473]
Platow - Immobilien
Platow Ost-Informationen
Platt's oilgram news [0163-1284]
Platt's oilgram price report [0163-1292]
Platts Coal Trader
Platts Coal Trader International
Platts Commodity News
Platts energy business & technology [1540-367X]
Platts energy trader [1545-1127]
Platts European Gas Daily
Platts Retail Energy
Platypus [0159-1606]
Play and folklore [1329-2463]
Play Gadgets
Play Girlz
Play Las Vegas
Play Library
Playback [0032-1451]
Playback [0836-2114]
Playback [1520-9334]
Playbill [0745-9076]
Players [0149-466X]
Plays [0032-1540]
Playthings [0032-1567]
PLAZ-Jahresbericht (formerly: Rechenschaftsbericht)
Plaza Pֳ÷blica: Revista de Trabajo Social
PLC (Packaging, Labels & Converting)
PLDI: Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation
PLEC News and Views : People, Land Management and Ecosystem Conservation [1020-0843]
Plein Jour de Baie-Comeau (French Language)
Plekos [1435-9626]
Plenarprotokoll / Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin
Plenarprotokoll / Bremische Bürgerschaft
Plenarprotokoll / Bürgerschaft der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg
Plenarprotokoll / Landtag Brandenburg
Plenarprotokoll / Landtag Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Plenarprotokoll / Landtag Rheinland-Pfalz
Plenarprotokoll / Sächsischer Landtag des Freistaates Sachsen
Plenarprotokoll / Schleswig-Holsteinischer Landtag
Plenarprotokoll / Thüringer Landtag
Plenarprotokolle / Hessischer Landtag
Plenarprotokolle / Landtag des Saarlandes
Plenarprotokolle / Landtag Nordrhein-Westfalen
Plenty [1553-2321]
Pleseckie novosti
Pliegos de rebotica [0214-4867]
PLoS Biology [1544-9173]
PLoS clinical trials [1555-5887]
PLoS Computational Biology [1553-734X]
PLoS Currents
PLoS Currents: Influenza
PLoS Currents: Tree of Life
PLoS Genetics [1553-7390]
Plos hub for clinical trials
PLoS Medicine [1549-1277]
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases [1935-2727]
PLoS One
PLoS Pathogens [1553-7366]
PLOS: Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Ploughshares [0048-4474]
Pluggdin (Bangalore, India)
Plumbing & Mechanical [8750-6041]
Plunkett's biotech & genetics industry almanac [1546-5756]
Plunkett's companion to the Almanac of American employers [1544-2691]
Plunkett's Companion to The Almanac of American Employers-Mid-Size Firms
Plunkett's E-Commerce & Internet Business Almanac
Plunkett's e-commerce & Internet business almanac [1548-5447]
Plunkett's Energy Industry Almanac
Plunkett's energy industry almanac [1542-5061]
Plunkett's Engineering Research Industry Almanac
Plunkett's entertainment & media industry almanac [1521-6160]
Plunkett's financial services industry almanac [1533-5895]
Plunkett's health care industry almanac [1099-2928]
Plunkett's Info Tech Industry Almanac
Plunkett's InfoTech Industry Almanac
Plunkett's On-line Trading, Finance & Investment Web Sites Almanac
Plunkett's On-line Trading, Finance & Investment Web Sites Almanac