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C++Builder developer's journal [1093-2097]
C & C. Ciência & consciência [1980-5152]
C.C. news [1701-7173]
C & D debris recycling [1078-3474]
C & D Recycler
The C.F.A. digest [0046-9777]
C.P.A. journal [0094-2049]
C.S.I.R. annual report [0370-8454]
C.T. & F Ciencia, Tecnología, Futuro [0122-5383]
C21 Media
C3 Views
C4I News [1071-1317]
Ca [0007-9235]
CA Agricultural Labor Relations Board
CA Attorney General Opinions
CA - Barclays Official California Code of Regulations
CA Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board Decisions
CA Board of Equalization Opinions
CA - California Administrative Code & California Regulatory Law Bulletin
CA - California Advance Legislative Service
CA - California Constitution
CA - California Court Rules - Selected Criminal Material
CA - California State & Federal Court Rules
CA charter [1446-4543]
CA Courts of Appeal Cases from 1905
CA - Deering's California Codes Annotated
CA Department of Corporations Decisions
CA Fair Employment & Housing Commission
CA Fair Political Practices Commission
CA Federal District Courts
CA Franchise Tax Board Decisions
CA - Local Rules of U.S. District & Bankruptcy Courts in California
CA magazine [0317-6878]
CA Occupational Safety & Health Appeals Board
CA Public Utilities Commission Decisions
CA Supreme Court Cases from 1850
CA Systems in Production Process Planning [1335-3799]
Ça va [0007-9243]
CA Water Resources & Toxic Substances Control
The CAAS research report [1540-1065]
CAAT newsletter
CAB thesaurus
CAB thesaurus
Cabinet Maker [0964-4199]
Cabinet maker & retail furnisher [0007-9278]
Cabinet (Milford, New Hampshire)
Cabinet (Milford, New Hampshire), The
CabinetMaker [1048-0196]
Cable and Satellite Express
Cable avails [1057-7378]
Cable europe [1364-5617]
Cable & Satellite Europe [0265-6973]
Cable & satellite international [1467-5935]
Cable television business [0745-2802]
Cable vision [0361-8374]
Cable world [1042-7228]
Cable world [1931-7697]
Cable World Millennium Series Supplement
Cablecaster [0840-9153]
Cablefax [1069-6644]
Cablefax Daily
CableFAX's Pay-TV Today
CableFAX's Pay-TV Today [1472-4812]
CableFax: The Magazine
Cableoptics newsletter [1051-1938]
Cabling Installation and Maintenance [1073-3108]
Cabling Installation & Maintenance Cabling Product News Supplement
Cabling Installation & Maintenance Distributor Services Supplement
Caboolture News
Caboolture News (Caboolture, Australia)
Caboolture Shire Herald [0981-9475]
CABS. Cuadernos andaluces de bienestar social [1138-1035]
Cache & Carey [Miami Herald - BLOG]
The Cactician [2052-952X]
CAD/CAM Update
CADalyst [0820-5450]
CADDET renewable energy newsletter [1350-0848]
Cadence [0162-6973]
Cadence [0887-9141]
Caderno brasileiro de ensino de física [1677-2334]
Caderno CRH [0103-4979]
Caderno de Geografia [0103-8427]
Caderno Espaço Feminino [1981-3082]
Caderno virtual de turismo [1677-6976]
Cadernos da ABEM [1806-5031]
Cadernos da Aquinate [1982-8845]
Cadernos da FUCAMP [1678-1244]
Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia [2238-0361]
Cadernos de atención primaria [1134-3583]
Cadernos de biblioteconomia, arquivística e documentação [0007-9421]
Cadernos_de_Campo [0104-5679]
Cadernos de Comunicação [1677-9061]
Cadernos de Direito [1676-529X]
Cadernos de Educação, Tecnologia e Sociedade
Cadernos de estudos africanos [1645-3794]
Cadernos de Estudos Sociais e Políticos [2238-3425]
Cadernos de Etnolingüística : Estudos de Lingüística Sul-Americana [1946-7095]
Cadernos de geociências [2238-4960]
Cadernos de História [1980-0339]
Cadernos de História [1981-3104]
Cadernos de história da educação [1807-3859]
Cadernos de Letras da UFRJ [1413-0238]
Cadernos de Pesquisa [0100-1574]
Cadernos de pesquisa do CDHIS [1518-7640]
Cadernos de Pesquisa em Educação [1519-4507]
Cadernos de Pesquisa Interdisciplinar em Ciências Humanas [1678-7730]
Cadernos de Pesquisa: Pensamento Educacional [2175-2613]
Cadernos de Pós Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo [1676-6679]
Cadernos de Pós-Graduação em Comunicação e Letras [1518-9058]
Cadernos de Pós Graduação em Distúrbios do Desenvolvimento [1519-0307]
Cadernos de Relações Internacionais [1983-4500]
Cadernos de saúde pública [0102-311X]
Cadernos de Sociomuseologia [1646-3714]
Cadernos de terapia ocupacional da UFSCar [0104-4931]
Cadernos de Tradução [1414-526X]
Cadernos do CEDES [0101-3262]
Cadernos do IME : Série Estatística [1413-9022]
Cadernos do Leme [2176-6207]
Cadernos do LEPAARQ [1806-9118]
Cadernos do Logepa [2237-7522]
Cadernos do PET Filosofia [2178-5880]
Cadernos do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Direito, PPGDir./UFRGS [1678-5029]
Cadernos EBAPE.BR [1679-3951]
Cadernos gestão social [1982-5447]
Cadernos IHU ideias [1679-0316]
Cadernos Imbondeiro [2316-2937]
Cadernos Pagu [0104-8333]
Cadernos PROLAM/USP [1676-6288]
CADinfo.NET [1442-2255]
Cadmus [2038-5242]
CADPAAC County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrators' Association of California ... executive officers
Cadrage [1776-2928]
Cæcilia [0906-9887]
CAEPR working paper [1442-3871]
CAER working paper [1329-1270]
Caert-Thresoor [0167-4994]
Café Crčme
The cafe irreal [1931-6763]
CAG newsletter [1199-5939]
Cag University Journal of Social Sciences [1304-8392]
Çağdaş Tıp Dergisi [2146-4189]
Cahier [0821-4441]
Cahier de recherche - Université de Paris-Dauphine, CEREG [1169-0321]
Cahier du LAMSADE
Cahiers Agricultures [1166-7699]
Les Cahiers ALHIM [1628-6731]
Cahiers balkaniques [0290-7402]
Cahiers bio-wetenschappen en maatschappij [0921-3457]
Cahiers d'Archeologie Jurassienne
Cahiers d'Asie centrale [1270-9247]
Cahiers d'économie et sociologie rurales [0755-9208]
Cahiers d'études africaines [0008-0055]
Cahiers d'études sur la Méditerranée orientale et le monde turco-iranien [0764-9878]
Les Cahiers d'Outre-mer [0373-5834]
Cahiers de civilisation espagnole contemporaine [1957-7761]
Cahiers de Civilisation Espagnole Contemporaine (de 1808 au Temps Présent)
Cahiers de droit [0007-974X]
Les Cahiers De Droit
Cahiers de kinésithérapie [0007-9782]
Cahiers de l'Afrique de l'Ouest [2074-3556]
Les Cahiers de l'ANAH [0221-7848]
Les Cahiers de l'analyse des données [0339-3097]
Les Cahiers de l'année gérontologique [1760-5342]
Cahiers de l'Ecole du Louvre [2262-208X]
Cahiers de l'enseignement collégial [0707-1140]
Cahiers de l'enseignement collégial. Programmes de diplôme d'études collégiales, grilles de cours par session [1199-3308]
Les Cahiers de l'idiotie [1916-6206]
Cahiers de L'ILOB [1923-2489]
Cahiers de l'Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région d'Ile-de-France [0153-6184]
Cahiers de l'Institut du moyen-âge grec et latin [0591-0358]
Cahiers de l'URMIS [1287-471X]
Cahiers de la documentation [0007-9804]
Cahiers de la Méditerranée [0244-6677]
Cahiers de la Méditerranée [0395-9317]
Cahiers de la recherche en éducation [1195-5732]
Cahiers de linguistique française [0259-6199]
Cahiers de médiologie [1270-0665]
Cahiers de narratologie [0993-8516]
Cahiers de politique économique du Centre de développement de l'OCDE [2077-169X]
Cahiers de psychologie [0373-8965]
Cahiers de psychologie et éducation
Cahiers de recherche - École des hautes études commerciales. Institut d'économie appliquée [0825-8643]
Les cahiers de recherche - Groupe HEC [0755-1339]
Cahiers de recherches criminologiques
Cahiers de recherches médiévales [1272-9752]
Cahiers de recherches médiévales et humanistes [2115-6360]
Les Cahiers de Sciences politiques de l'ULg [1784-6390]
Cahiers de topologie et géométrie différentielle [0008-0004]
Cahiers de topologie et géométrie différentielle catégoriques [1245-530X]
Cahiers des études anciennes [0317-5065]
Cahiers des sciences humaines [0768-9829]
Cahiers des Thčmes Transversaux ArScAn [1953-5120]
Cahiers du Brésil contemporain [0989-5191]
Les Cahiers du CEIMA [1639-7789]
Les cahiers du CEPS/INSTEAD [2077-3048]
Cahiers du CIÉRA [2291-5745]
Cahiers du CRHQ [1760-6691]
Cahiers du gerse [1295-0807]
Les cahiers du GRIT [2033-7795]
Les cahiers du journalisme [1280-0082]
Cahiers du monde russe [1252-6576]
Cahiers du monde russe et soviétique [0008-0160]
Les Cahiers du Musée des Confluences [1966-6845]
Cahiers du RIFAL [1726-5363]
Les Cahiers du RMES [2030-0875]
Cahiers du Séminaire d'économétrie [0071-8343]
Cahiers du séminaire d’histoire des mathématiques [0767-7421]
Cahiers d’études du religieux. Recherches interdisciplinaires
Cahiers en ligne du GEMCA
Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure [0068-516X]
Cahiers linguistiques d'Ottawa [0315-3967]
Cahiers Mondes anciens [2107-0199]
Cahiers O.R.S.T.O.M. Série Sciences humaines [0008-0403]
Cahiers rémois de musicologie [1766-9936]
Les Cahiers Russie [1955-4397]
Cahiers victoriens & édouardiens [0220-5610]
Cahiers Virtuels
The Cairns Eye
Cairns post [1322-8587]
Cairns Sun [1519-9689]
The Cairns Weekend Post - Weekender (Chinese Language - Simplified) (Chinese Language - Traditional)
Cake & Cockhorse [0008-0535]
CAL-laborate : a collaborative publication on the use of computer aided learning for tertiary level physical sciences [1443-4482]
Cal/OSHA pocket guide for the construction industry
The Cal Poly Pomona journal of interdisciplinary studies [1548-2235]
Cal Poly Pomona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, The
Cal State L.A. today
Calabash [1531-6661]
Calamus renascens : Revista de humanismo y tradición clásica [1576-3471]
Calcified tissue international [0171-967X]
Calcium binding proteins [1554-8651]
Calcolo [0008-0624]
Calculus of variations and partial differential equations [0944-2669]
Caldasia [0366-5232]
Cale : Revista da Faculdade de Letras do Porto
CALendar [1325-7722]
Calendar of the Art Institute of Chicago [1935-6625]
Calendari catalá
Calgary Commerce [0707-8064]
Calgary herald [0828-1815]
The Calgary sun [0832-2422]
Calgary working papers in linguistics [0823-0579]
CALICO journal [0742-7778]
Calicut medical journal [0972-9518]
Calidad de Vida UFLO [1850-6216]
Calidad en la Educación [0717-4004]
Calidoscópio [1679-8740]
California Aggie
The California Aggie
California agriculture [0008-0845]
California air quality data [0008-087X]
California-Arizona farm press [0164-5331]
California bar journal [1086-1858]
California builder & engineer [0045-3900]
California business [0008-0926]
California chronicles [1099-7733]
California city and county sales and use tax rates
California Condors
California construction link [1546-9956]
California cooperative oceanic fisheries investigations, progress report [0575-3317]
California counts [1554-401X]
California courts review [1556-0872]
California CPA [1530-4035]
California Criminal Justice Profiles
California Criminal Law Review / Boalt Criminal Law Review
California crop weather [1949-7164]
California dairy information bulletin [0892-4406]
California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Opinion Letters
California economic indicators [0364-2895]
California economic policy [1552-2105]
California employer [0098-1435]
California employment law [1934-1644]
California employment law monitor [1081-504X]
California Energy & Climate Report
California English [0279-1161]
California environmental compliance monitor [1081-5015]
California Environmental Law Monitor
California escapes
The California Executive Southern California
California fish and game [0008-1078]
California folklore quarterly [1556-1283]
The California geographer [0575-5700]
California health officers directory
California history [0162-2897]
California insurance law & litigation alert [1552-5139]
California intermountain news [0739-4438]
California Italian Studies [2155-7926]
California Italian Studies Journal
California job journal [0892-6395]
California journal [0008-1205]
California journal of Oriental medicine [1090-1965]
California journal of politics and policy [1944-4370]
California law review [0008-1221]
California library news : CLA Weblog
The California licensed contractor [0362-7136]
California linguistic newsletter [0741-1391]
California linguistic notes [1548-1484]
California management review [0008-1256]
California medicine [0008-1264]
California missing person quarterly bulletin
California monthly [0008-1302]
California Municipal Codes
California Newswire
California nurse [0008-1310]
California planning & development report [0891-382X]
California plant pest and disease report [0748-1446]
California policy review [1936-2544]
California politics & policy [1083-3374]
California prisoners and parolees
California Public Employee Reporter
California Public Employment Relations Board
California public finance [1094-8902]
California regulatory notice register [1041-2654]
California roster
California school news [1091-1715]
California Special Education Alert
California state journal of medicine [0093-402X]
California statistical abstract [0575-6200]
California Superior Ct. Local Rules
California today [0739-8042]
California transportation journal
The California veterinarian [0008-1612]
California Western international law journal [0886-3210]
California western law review [0008-1639]
California wild [1094-365X]
California Yankee
Californian journal of health promotion [1545-8725]
Caligrama: Revista de Estudos Românicos [0103-2178]
Call center [1289-5873]
Call center CRM solutions [1529-1782]
Call center magazine [1064-5543]
Call center product news [1098-1667]
Call center solutions [1521-0774]
Call Center Solutions Teleservices Outsourcing Directory
Call & Post; All-Ohio edition
Call & Post; Cleveland, Ohio
call to action: Changing the culture of drinking at U.S. colleges
A call to action: Changing the culture of drinking at U.S. colleges ( Policy Papers )
Callaloo [0161-2492]
Calliope [1050-7086]
Calorie control commentary [1049-1791]
Caloundra City News
Caloundra City News (Caloundra, Australia)
Caloundra Journal
Caloundra Weekly
Caloundra Weekly (Caloundra, Australia)
CALPHAD [0364-5916]
Camaro performers [1944-8589]
CAMBIO : Rivista sulle Trasformazioni Sociali [2239-1118]
Cambodia Quarterly Bird Reports
Cambodia statistical yearbook
Cambodia Today
Cambodian Books in Print
Cambodian Journal of Natural History [2226-969X]
Cambridge Archaeological Journal [0959-7743]
Cambridge First
Cambridge historical journal [1474-6913]
Cambridge journal of economics [0309-166X]
Cambridge journal of education [0305-764X]
Cambridge law journal [0008-1973]
Cambridge Manufacturing Review [1476-8216]
Cambridge News
Cambridge opera journal [0954-5867]
Cambridge quarterly [0008-199X]
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics; CQ [0963-1801]
Cambridge reporter [0841-6281]
The Cambridge Reporter
Cambridge Review of International Affairs [0955-7571]
Cambridge Telecom Report
Cambridge University reporter [0008-2015]
Cambridge Working Papers in Economics / Faculty of Economics ; Department of Applied Economics
The Cambs Times
Camden fifth series [0960-1163]
Camenzind [1663-3350]
Camera obscura [0270-5346]
Camera Separatoria [2083-6392] (French Language)
Cameroon Postline
Cameroon Tribune (Yaounde, Cameroon) [1563-5481]
CAMINE: Caminhos da Educação
Caminhando [1519-7018]
Caminhos da História [1517-3771]
Caminhos de Geografia [1678-6343]
Caminos : revista cubana de pensamiento socioteológico [1025-7233]
CAML review [1496-9963]
Camões [0874-3029]
Campaign [0114-2569]
Campaign [0008-2309]
Campaign 2000: Democratic National Convention
Campaign 2000: Republican National Convention
Campaign '90: An Election Preview
Campaign '90: An election preview
Campaign '92
Campaign '92
Campaign '94
Campaign '94
Campaign '96
Campaign '96
Campaign Asia-Pacific [2218-3280]
Campaign Finance: Constitutional and Legal Issues of Soft Money
Campaign Finance Reform: A Legal Analysis of Issue and Express Advocacy
Campaign Financing
Campaign Middle East
Campaign's Daily News
Campaign Series
Campaign Tracker [The Charlotte Observer - BLOG]
Campaigns & elections [0197-0771]
Campaspe News
Campbell Brown
Campbell law observer
Campbell law review [0198-8174]
The Camping Magazine [0740-4131]
Campo - Território [1809-6271]
Campos [1519-5538]
Campus [0342-7277]
Campus [1084-693X]
Campus Commons
Campus Echo
The Campus Echo
Campus Facility Maintenance [1556-2999]
Campus.leben [Elektronische Ressource] : das Online-Magazin der Freien Universität Berlin
Campus life [0008-2538]
Campus life's ignite your faith [1558-7770]
Campus: Magazine de l'Université de Genčve
Campus Press
Campus-Report [1612-054X]
Campus technology [1553-7544]
The Campus Times
Campus-wide information systems [1065-0741]
Campuskrant [0779-0821]
Campusleben [1862-118X]
The Camrose Canadian [0710-4111]
Can IMF Lending Promote Corruption?
Canada Agricultural Review Tribunal Decisions
Canada AM
Canada and the World Backgrounder [1189-2102]
Canada Annual Statutes
Canada Asia agenda [1911-6020]
Canada Asia review [1495-5008]
Canada autos report [1748-9806]
Canada Bills
Canada Business Directory
Canada communicable disease report [1188-4169]
Canada Communicable Disease Report / CCDR Weekly
Canada Competition Tribunal Decisions
Canada Copyright Board Decisions
Canada Council for the Arts ... annual report [1490-3563]
Canada Court Martial Appeal reports [0576-0275]
Canada Criminal Law Statutes
Canada Economic Studies
Canada Federal Court reports [0384-2568]
Canada Federal Courts Reports
Canada Federal Legislation
Canada Food & Drink Report [1753-3376]
Canada français [0832-2988]
Canada Immigration and Refugee Board, Immigration Appeal Division Decisions
Canada Immigration and Refugee Board, Immigration Division Decisions
Canada Immigration and Refugee Board, Refugee Protection Division Decisions
Canada Income Tax Act and Application Rules
Canada Industrial Relations Board Decisions
Canada Justice News Releases
Canada Labour Arbitration Decisions
Canada Labour Code Part II Appeals Officers (Health & Safety) Decisions
Canada National Energy Board Decisions
Canada Newswire
Canada oil & gas report [1748-3875]
Canada Patent Appeal Board and Commissioner of Patents Decisions
Canada Pension Appeals Board Decisions
Canada pharmaceuticals & healthcare report [1748-3751]
Canada physiology [0226-8973]
Canada Procurement Review Board Decisions
Canada Public Service Labour Relations Board Decisions
Canada Regulations
Canada Repealed Regulations
Canada Repealed Statutes
Canada Rules of Court
Canada's Atlantic Provinces Adventure Guide
Canada's balance of international payments [0848-5216]
Canada's history [1920-9894]
Canada's international investment position [1480-8412]
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet [1495-9291]
Canada Small Business Financing Act and Small Business Loans Act, annual report [1495-9704]
Canada Statutes - Prior Consolidation (R.S.C. 1970)
Canada Stockwatch
Canada Supreme Court reports [0045-4230]
Canada Supreme Court Rules
Canada Tariff Board Reports
Canada telecommunications report [1748-4448]
Canada Trade Marks Opposition Board Decisions
Canada Transportation Appeal Tribunal Decisions
Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement, 1987
Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement Decisions
Canada-United States law journal [0163-6391]
Canada watch [1191-7733]
Canada year book [1204-2420]
The Canada year book [0068-8142]
CanadExport [0823-3330]
Canadian accounting perspectives [1499-8653]
Canadian acoustics [0711-6659]
Canadian adverse reaction newsletter [1499-9447]
Canadian aesthetics journal = Revue canadienne d'esthétique [1496-3140]
Canadian Agreement on Internal Trade
Canadian agricultural engineering [0045-432X]
The Canadian Air Force journal [1916-7032]
Canadian Alzheimer Disease Review
Canadian arbitration and mediation journal [1192-537X]
Canadian architect [0008-2872]
Canadian architect and builder [1180-6958]
Canadian army journal [0704-7193]
The Canadian Army journal [1713-773X]
Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal Decisions
Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal [0846-5371]
Canadian Banker [0822-6830]
Canadian benefits & compensation digest [1552-4744]
Canadian bioethics report [1488-2426]
Canadian biosystems engineering [1492-9058]
Canadian Biosystems Engineering Journal
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Decisions
Canadian Business [0008-3100]
Canadian Business Conditions [0383-9893]
Canadian business economics [0705-8330]
The Canadian business law journal [0319-3322]
Canadian business patterns [1183-8752]
Canadian business review [0317-4026]
Canadian cancer statistics [0835-2976]
Canadian Capitalist
Canadian chemical news [0823-5228]
Canadian children's literature [0319-0080]
Canadian classical bulletin [1198-9149]
Canadian consulting engineer [0008-3267]
Canadian Consumer [0008-3275]
Canadian Contractor [1498-8941]
Canadian copper [0008-3291]
Canadian Corporate News
Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education (CCAHTE)
Canadian Current Tax
Canadian Defence Quarterly [0315-3495]
Canadian development report [1206-2308]
Canadian Dimension [0008-3402]
Canadian Economic Observer [0835-9148]
Canadian economic observer. Historical statistical supplement [0838-0236]
Canadian electronics [1187-6026]
Canadian entomologist [0008-347X]
Canadian environmental sustainability indicators [1718-0503]
Canadian ethnic studies [0008-3496]
Canadian Family Law Quarterly [0832-6983]
Canadian family physician [0008-350X]
Canadian fiction [1495-2343]
Canadian fiction magazine [0045-477X]
Canadian field-naturalist [0008-3550]
Canadian fisheries statistics [1914-9263]
Canadian fluid power review [1551-3602]
Canadian folk music bulletin [0829-5344]
Canadian folk music journal [0318-2568]
Canadian foreign policy [1192-6422]
Canadian Full-Text Caselaw, All Jurisdictions
The Canadian gemmologist [0226-7446]
Canadian geographer [0008-3658]
Canadian Geographic [0706-2168]
Canadian geographic travel & adventure [1714-8421]
Canadian Geotechnical Journal [0008-3674]
Canadian geriatrics journal
The Canadian gerontological nurse [0825-9291]
Canadian global almanac [1187-4570]
Canadian Graduate Journal of Sociology and Criminology [1927-9825]
Canadian Grocer [0008-3704]
Canadian healthcare manager [1202-9718]
Canadian healthcare technology [1486-7133]
The Canadian historical review [0008-3755]
Canadian HIV/AIDS Policy and Law Review
Canadian HIV /AIDS Policy and Law Review / Revue Canadienne VIH-Sida et Droit
Canadian home economics journal [0008-3763]
Canadian HR Reporter [0838-228X]
Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Decisions
Canadian illustrated news [0383-0322]
Canadian Import and Anti-dumping Tribunal Decisions
Canadian International Trade Tribunal Decisions
Canadian Internet Registration Authority Decisions
Canadian Investment Review [0840-6863]
Canadian issues [0318-8442]
Canadian jeweller [0008-3917]
Canadian Jewish studies [1198-3493]
Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education [1916-9221]
Canadian Journal for Studies in Discourse and Writing
Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning [1918-2902]
Canadian journal for the study of adult education [0835-4944]
Canadian journal for traditional music [1485-4422]
Canadian Journal for Women in Coaching Online / Journal Canadien des Entraîneures en Ligne
Canadian journal of Aboriginal community-based HIV/AIDS research [1912-0958]
Canadian journal of administrative law & practice [0835-6742]
Canadian journal of administrative sciences [0825-0383]
Canadian journal of African studies [0008-3968]
Canadian journal of agricultural economics [0008-3976]
Canadian journal of anesthesia [0832-610X]
Canadian journal of animal science [0008-3984]
The Canadian journal of applied linguistics [1920-1818]
Canadian journal of archaeology [0705-2006]
Canadian journal of arthropod identification [1911-2173]
Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science [0008-400X]
Canadian Journal of Botany [0008-4026]
The Canadian journal of cardiology [0828-282X]
Canadian journal of career development [1499-1845]
The Canadian journal of chemical engineering [0008-4034]
Canadian journal of chemistry [0008-4042]
Canadian journal of civil engineering [0315-1468]
Canadian journal of CME [0843-994X]
Canadian journal of communication [0705-3657]
Canadian Journal of Continuing Medical Education, The
Canadian Journal of Counselling [0828-3893]
Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy [0008-333X]
Canadian journal of criminology [0704-9722]
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice [1707-7753]
Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene [1712-171X]
Canadian journal of diabetes [1499-2671]
Canadian journal of diagnosis [0839-1866]
Canadian Journal of Diagnosis, The
Canadian journal of dietetic practice and research [1486-3847]
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies
Canadian Journal of Disability Studies [1929-9192]
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences [0008-4077]
Canadian journal of economics [0008-4085]
The Canadian journal of economics and political science [0315-4890]
Canadian Journal of Education [0380-2361]
Canadian journal of educational administration and policy [1207-7798]
Canadian journal of educational communication [0710-4340]
Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering [0840-8688]
Canadian journal of environmental education [1205-5352]
Canadian journal of experimental psychology [1196-1961]
Canadian journal of family and youth [1718-9748]
Canadian journal of family law [0704-1225]
Canadian Journal of Film Studies [0847-5911]
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences [0706-652X]
Canadian journal of forest research [0045-5067]
The Canadian Journal of Higher Education [0316-1218]
Canadian Journal of History [0008-4107]
Canadian journal of human sexuality [1188-4517]
Canadian journal of information and library science [1195-096X]
Canadian Journal of Insurance Law
Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies [0826-3663]
The Canadian journal of law and jurisprudence [0841-8209]
Canadian journal of law and technology [1702-9228]
Canadian journal of learning and technology [1499-6677]
Canadian Journal of Learning Technology [1499-6685]
The Canadian journal of linguistics [0008-4131]
Canadian journal of mathematics [0008-414X]
Canadian Journal of Media Studies [1911-4281]
Canadian journal of medical laboratory science [1207-5833]
Canadian journal of microbiology [0008-4166]
Canadian journal of music therapy [1199-1054]
Canadian journal of native education [0710-1481]
Canadian journal of native studies [0715-3244]
Canadian journal of Netherlandic studies [0225-0500]
Canadian journal of neurological sciences [0317-1671]
Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research [1920-9355]
The Canadian journal of nursing research [0844-5621]
The Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy [0008-4174]
Canadian journal of ophthalmology [0008-4182]
Canadian journal of philosophy [0045-5091]
Canadian Journal of Physics [0008-4204]
Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology [0008-4212]
Canadian journal of plant pathology [0706-0661]
Canadian Journal of Police and Security Services [1709-8769]
Canadian journal of political and social theory [0380-9420]
Canadian journal of political science [0008-4239]
Canadian journal of psychiatry [0706-7437]
Canadian journal of psychoanalysis [1195-3330]
Canadian Journal of Public Health [0008-4263]
Canadian journal of pure & applied sciences [1715-9997]
Canadian journal of regional science [0705-4580]
Canadian journal of remote sensing [1712-798X]
Canadian Journal of Respiratory Therapy [1205-9838]
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine [1203-7796]
Canadian journal of science, mathematic and technology education [1492-6156]
Canadian journal of sociology [0318-6431]
Canadian journal of soil science [0008-4271]
Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology [1913-200X]
Canadian journal of statistics [0319-5724]
Canadian Journal of Surgery [0008-428X]
Canadian journal of university continuing education [0318-9090]
Canadian Journal of Urban Research [1188-3774]
Canadian journal of veterinary research [0830-9000]
Canadian journal of women and the law [0832-8781]
Canadian journal of zoology [0008-4301]
Canadian journal on aging [0714-9808]
Canadian Journal on Computing in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Medicine [1923-1660]
Canadian labour [0008-4336]
Canadian Lawyer 4 students
Canadian learning journal [1490-8743]
Canadian literature [0008-4360]
Canadian machinery and metalworking [0008-4379]
Canadian manager [0045-5156]
Canadian Manufacturer's Database
Canadian manuscript report of fisheries and aquatic sciences [0706-6473]
Canadian mathematical bulletin [0008-4395]
Canadian Medical Association journal [0008-4409]
Canadian Medical Association. Journal; CMAJ [0820-3946]
Canadian Medical Education Journal [1923-1202]
Canadian Mennonite [1480-042X]
Canadian metallurgical quarterly [0008-4433]
Canadian Metalworking [1719-976X]
Canadian military journal [1492-0786]
Canadian military journal [1492-465X]
Canadian mineralogist [0008-4476]
Canadian minerals yearbook [0068-9270]
Canadian mining journal [0008-4492]
Canadian Mining Journal CAMESE Supplement
Canadian Mining Journal Special Commermorative Supplement
Canadian Mining Report
The Canadian modern language review [0008-4506]
Canadian motor vehicle traffic collision statistics [1482-9509]
The Canadian music educator [0008-4549]
Canadian musician [0708-9635]
Canadian native law reporter [0225-2279]
Canadian native online social work journal [1920-2377]
Canadian nurse [0008-4581]
Canadian occupational health & safety news [0709-5252]
Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal [0712-6778]
The Canadian organic grower [1710-761X]
Canadian packaging [0008-4654]
The Canadian Parliamentary companion [0315-6184]
Canadian parliamentary review [0229-2548]
Canadian Patent Office record [1712-4034]
Canadian pharmaceutical marketing [1182-2902]
Canadian Pharmacists Journal CPJRPC [1715-1635]
Canadian plant disease survey [0008-476X]
Canadian plastics [0008-4778]
Canadian Plastics Technology Showcase [1209-2428]
Canadian poetry [0704-5646]
Canadian political science review [1911-4125]
The Canadian Press
Canadian printer [0849-0767]
Canadian Property Valuation [1919-8264]
Canadian Psychiatric Association Bulletin ; CPA Bulletin [1708-0622]
Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal [0008-4824]
Canadian Psychology [0708-5591]
Canadian public administration [0008-4840]
Canadian public policy [0317-0861]
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Broadcast Decisions
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Telecom Decisions
Canadian review of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias
Canadian review of American studies [0007-7720]
Canadian review of comparative literature [0319-051X]
Canadian Review of Policing Research [1710-6915]
Canadian review of sociology [1755-6171]
Canadian review of sociology and anthropology [0008-4948]
Canadian sailings [0821-5944]
Canadian Sailings Transportation and Trade Logistics [4001-0748]
Canadian Slavonic papers [0008-5006]
Canadian Social Science [1712-8056]
Canadian Social Studies [1191-162X]
Canadian social trends [0831-5698]
Canadian speeches [0833-191X]
Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information: Reaching Consensus on Principles and Developing Enforcement Mechanisms
The Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information: Reaching Consensus on Principles and Developing Enforcement Mechanisms
The Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information: Reaching Consensus on Principles and Developing Enforcement Mechanisms ( Policy Papers )
Canadian studies in population [0380-1489]
Canadian tax journal [0008-5111]
Canadian technical report of hydrography and ocean sciences [0711-6772]
Canadian theatre review [0315-0836]
Canadian transportation logistics [1187-4295]
Canadian travel press [1199-1615]
Canadian treasury management review [0829-4003]
Canadian undergraduate journal of cognitive science [1499-7487]
Canadian underwriter [0008-5251]
Canadian Urological Association journal [1911-6470]
Canadian veterinary journal [0008-5286]
Canadian vocational journal [0045-5520]
Canadian water treatment [1715-670X]
Canadian wildlife [1201-673X]
Canadian Wildlife Service occasional papers [0576-6370]
Canadian winds [1703-5295]
Canadian woman studies [0713-3235]
Canadian Women's Health Network [1480-0039]
Canadian year book [0822-1731]
Canarias agraria y pesquera [1133-5599]
Canberra bird notes
Canberra Law Review [1320-6702]
Cancer [0008-543X]
Cancer and clinical oncology [1927-4858]
Cancer and Metastasis Reviews [0167-7659]
Cancer Biology & Medicine [2095-3941]
Cancer biology & therapy [1538-4047]
Cancer biomarkers [1574-0153]
Cancer biotherapy & radiopharmaceuticals [1084-9785]
Cancer cell [1535-6108]
Cancer cell international [1475-2867]
Cancer Center report
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology [0344-5704]
The Cancer chronicles [1044-6508]
Cancer Commentary
Cancer control [1073-2748]
Cancer control journal [0191-3794]
Cancer cytopathology [1934-662X]
Cancer detection and prevention [0361-090X]
Cancer discovery [2159-8274]
Cancer Epidemiology [1877-7821]
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention [1055-9965]
Cancer facts & figures [0069-0147]
Cancer facts & figures for African Americans [1936-4555]
Cancer facts & figures for Hispanics/Latinos [1556-3685]
Cancer forum [0311-306X]
Cancer gene therapy [0929-1903]
Cancer gene therapy week [1543-6837]
Cancer Genetics [2210-7762]
Cancer genetics and cytogenetics [0165-4608]
Cancer genomics & proteomics [1109-6535]
Cancer growth and metastasis [1179-0644]
Cancer imaging [1740-5025]
Cancer immunology and immunotherapy [0340-7004]
Cancer in New South Wales [0157-2547]
Cancer in Norway [0806-3621]
Cancer informatics [1176-9351]
Cancer investigation [0735-7907]
The Cancer journal [0765-7846]
The cancer journal [1528-9117]
Cancer Law Weekly
Cancer Law Weekly [1551-5281]
Cancer letters [0304-3835]
Cancer management and research [1179-1322]
Cancer Medicine [2045-7634]
Cancer & metabolism [2049-3002]
Cancer microenvironment [1875-2292]
Cancer Nanotechnology [1868-6958]
Cancer news [0008-5464]
Cancer nursing practice [1475-4266]
Cancer pain release [1013-3097]
Cancer practice [1065-4704]
Cancer prevention international [1083-9984]
Cancer prevention research [1940-6207]
Cancer/radiothérapie [1278-3218]
Cancer research [0008-5472]
Cancer Research and Treatment [1598-2998]
Cancer researcher weekly [1071-7226]
Cancer reviews online [1935-620X]
Cancer science [1347-9032]
Cancer therapy [1543-9135]
Cancer today [1174-5916]
Cancer Treatment Communications [2213-0896]
Cancer treatment reports [0361-5960]
Cancer treatment reviews [0305-7372]
Cancer treatment symposia [0742-1761]
Cancer Vaccine Week [1543-6810]
Cancer World
Cancers [2072-6694]
Cancerweekly [1071-7218]
Cancerwise [1649-4229]
Cancioneiro de Musicas Populares
Candidate countries eurobarometer [1683-5042]
Candide [1869-6465]
Candollea [0373-2967]
Candy and Snack Business
Candy business [1523-5262]
Candy Industry [0745-1032]
Candy Industry Confectionery Supplement
Candy Industry State of the Industry Report Supplement
Canmore leader [0824-3646]
Canmore Leader (Alberta, Canada)
Canning Times
Canning Times (Perth, Australia)
Cannock Mercury
The cannon's mouth [1745-6630]
CANNT journal [1498-5136]
CanTech International [1466-7851]
Canter [1538-991X]
Canterbury Adscene
Canterbury Bankstown Express [1097-5208]
CanuckFlack ( Newstex Blogs )
Canwest News Service
Cap sur la diversité
CAP today [0891-1525]
CAP weekly [0953-5594]
CAPA: Cadernos de Arqueoloxía e Patrimonio
Capabilities [1055-7156]
Capacity Management Review [1049-2194] [1571-7496]
Capçalera [1135-1047]
Cape argus [1563-986X]
Cape Argus (South Africa)
Cape Argus (South Africa)/Argus Weekend (South Africa)
Cape Cod times [0747-1467]
Cape Coral daily breeze [1046-8609]
Cape Coral daily breeze [1072-6152]
CAPE TIMES [1016-3948]
Cape Times (South Africa)
CAPITAL [0008-5839]
Capital [0008-5847]
The Capital [0885-4718]
The Capital (Annapolis)
Capital (Annapolis, MD)
Capital & class [0309-8168]
Capital Defense Journal
Capital District business review [0747-3699]
Capital eye [1936-3230]
Capital Finance
Capital formation [0890-7617]
Capital Gang
Capital Gang Sunday
CAPITAL HUMANO [1130-8117]
Capital ideas [1041-5580]
Capital Intelligence
Capital Report
Capital Spectator
The Capital Spectator ( Newstex Blogs )
The capital times [0749-4068]
Capital Times (Madison, WI)
Capital University law review [0198-9693]
Capital Watch [Hartford Courant - BLOG]
Capital weekly [1087-3856]
Il capitale culturale. Studies on the value of cultural heritage [2039-2362]
Capitalism and society [1932-0213]
Capitalism, nature, socialism [1045-5752]
Capitol ideas [2152-8489]
Capítulo criminológico [0798-9598]
Cappuccino Soul ( Newstex Blogs )
Capricorn Coast Mirror
Capricorn Coast Mirror (Yeppon, Australia)
Capstone engineer
Capsula Eburnea [1970-5492]
Captain's Quarters ( Newstex Blogs )
Car and driver [0008-6002]
Car India [0974-6633]
Car Trade India
Caractère [0008-6126]
Caractère Newsletter (French Language)
Caractère-TPG [0151-1041]
Caracteres : Estudios Culturales y Críticos de la Esfera Digital [2254-4496]
Caravan [0835-2003]
Carazoo (India)
Carbohydrate polymers [0144-8617]
Carbohydrate Research [0008-6215]
Carbon [0008-6223]
Carbon and Climate Law Review [1864-9904]
Carbon balance and management [1750-0680]
Carbon Control News
Carbon : Science and Technology [0974-0546]
Carbonates and evaporites [0891-2556]
Carceral notebooks [1942-4965]
Carcinogenesis [0143-3334]
Card Fax
Card industry directory [1051-6778]
Card marketing [1095-6263]
Card Marketing Telemarketing Supplement
Card Marketing Top 10 Technologies Supplement
Card news [0894-0797]
Card Systems
Card Technology [1093-1279]
Card Technology Review Supplement
Card technology today [0965-2590]
Cardiac electrophysiology review [1385-2264]
Cardiff economics working papers [1749-6101]
Cardiogenetics [2035-8253]
Cardiologia Croatica [1848-543X]
Cardiologia Hungarica [0133-5596]
Cardiology [0008-6312]
The cardiology [1811-8194]
Cardiology and Therapy
Cardiology in the young [1047-9511]
Cardiology Journal [1897-5593]
Cardiology Research [1923-2829]
Cardiology research and practice [2090-8016]
Cardiology review [1092-6607]
Cardiology today [1939-098X]
Cardiometry [2304-7232]
Cardiopulmonary physical therapy journal [1541-7891]
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology [0174-1551]
Cardiovascular Business Week
Cardiovascular Business Week [1552-2504]
Cardiovascular device business [1473-1754]
Cardiovascular Device Liability Week
Cardiovascular Device Liability Week [1552-2482]
Cardiovascular device update [1084-3930]
Cardiovascular Diabetology [1475-2840]
Cardiovascular diseases [0093-3546]
Cardiovascular drug news [1473-1584]
Cardiovascular drug reviews [0897-5957]
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy [0920-3206]
Cardiovascular engineering [1567-8822]
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology [1869-408X]
Cardiovascular & hematological agents in medicinal chemistry [1871-5257]
Cardiovascular & hematological disorders drug targets [1871-529X]
Cardiovascular information [0281-0654]
Cardiovascular Intervention and Therapeutics [1868-4300]
Cardiovascular journal [2071-0917]
Cardiovascular pathology [1054-8807]
Cardiovascular Psychiatry and Neurology [2090-0163]
Cardiovascular radiation medicine [1522-1865]
Cardiovascular research [0008-6363]
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine [1553-8389]
Cardiovascular reviews & reports [0197-3118]
Cardiovascular therapeutics [1755-5914]
Cardiovascular toxicology [1530-7905]
Cardiovascular ultrasound [1476-7120]
Cardiovascular week [1543-6853]
Cardozo arts & entertainment law journal [0736-7694]
Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin [1128-322X]
Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution
Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law
Cardozo law review [0270-5192]
Cardozo Law Review denovo
Cardozo Online Journal of Conflict Resolution
Cardozo public law, policy, and ethics journal [1546-1483]
Cardozo studies in law and literature [1043-1500]
Cardozo women's law journal [1074-5785]
Cards and payments [1557-0762]
Cards international [0956-5558]
cards Karten cartes
Care Around The Clock: Developing Child Care Resources Before Nine And After Five
Care Management (formerly: Managed Care) (älter als 12 Monate) [1662-5404]
Care Management Journals [1521-0987]
CARE Ratings
Career and Kids
The Career choices newsletter [0888-2770]
Career development for exceptional individuals [0885-7288]
Career development international [1362-0436]
The Career development quarterly [0889-4019]
Career Guide to Industries
Career Opportunities: The High-Tech Career Handbook
Career planning and adult development journal [0736-1920]
Career world [0744-1002]
Careers & colleges [1065-9935]
Cargo Talk
Caribbean business [0194-8326]
Caribbean intransit [2325-2901]
Caribbean journal of science [0008-6452]
Caribbean Net News (Cayman Islands)
Caribbean News Agency
Caribbean News Agency, Barbados, West Indies
Caribbean News Now (Houston, TX)
Caribbean Quarterly [0008-6495]
Caribbean quarterly forecast report [1474-8568]
Caribbean review of books [1018-2926]
The Caribbean Review of Books [1811-4873]
Caribbean review of gender studies [1995-1108]
Caribbean studies [0008-6533]
Caribbean tourism report [1747-8847]
Caribbean Update [8756-324X]
The Caribbean writer [0893-1550]
Caries Research [0008-6568]
Caring for your Newborn
Carinthia II [0374-6771]
Carkoven Vestnik
Carl Beck papers in Russian and East European studies [0889-275X]
CARL newsletter [1090-9982]
The Carleton drama review [0161-3936]
Carlow Nationalist
Carlow People
Carlsbad current-argus [1522-5763]
Carlsberg research communications [0105-1938]
Carlson Personal Injury Quantum of Damages NetLetter Issues
Carluke gazette [0964-3893]
Carmarthen journal [0961-4613]
Carnegie [1537-7679]
Carnegie Ethics Online
Carnegie magazine [0008-6681]
Carnegie reporter [1546-9883]
Carnegie-Rochester conference series on public policy [0167-2231]
Carnegie science
Carnegie science newsletter
Carnets de Bord [1629-7660]
Carnets de Géologie [1634-0744]
Les Carnets de la Philosophie (French Language) [1960-7431]
Carnets : Revue Electronique d'Etudes Françaises [1646-7698]
Carnoustie Guide & Gazette (Arbroath, England) [0966-5862]
Carolina comments [0576-808X]
Carolina geological society field trip guidebook
Carolina planning [0164-0070]
Carolina quarterly [0008-6797]
Das Carolinum [0008-6827]
Carolo-Wilhelmina Newsletter der Technischen Universität Braunschweig
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences [1842-4090]
Carpathian Journal of Electrical Engineering [1843-7583]
Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering [1844-9689]
Carpathian Journal of Food Science and Technology [2066-6845]
Carpathian Mathematical Publications [2075-9827]
Carpet & Floorcoverings Review
Carpet & floorcoverings review [0263-4236]
Carrer de la ciutat [0210-1211]
Carribean Library Journal [2311-3898]
Carrick & East Antrim Times (Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland)
Carrick Gazette (Girvan, Scotland) [1477-8777]
Carroll County times [0746-7494]
Carstairs Courier (Alberta)
Carta Capital (Portuguese Language)
Carta de España [0576-8233]
Carta de novedades
Carta del Mediador
Cartapacio de derecho [1850-0722]
Cartaphilus [1887-5238]
Carte italiane [0737-9412]
Carte Romanze [2282-7447]
Cartes mag [1953-5538]
The cartographic journal [0008-7041]
Cartographic perspectives [1048-9053]
Cartographica [0317-7173]
Carve magazine [1529-272X]
Cary News, The (NC)
Caryologia [0008-7114]
CAS journal [1053-7694]
CASA [1679-3404]
CASA & CLIMA [2038-0895]
Casa de las Américas [0008-7157]
Casa del tiempo [0185-4275]
Casas. Bouwen verbouwen inrichten [1782-7426]
CASE Briefs
CASE Brookings Census Briefs
Case in Brief Expanded Research/Analysis
Case in point [1542-6971]
Case management advisor [1053-5500]
Case management monthly [1934-189X]
The Case manager [1061-9259]
CASE Network Reports
Case reports [1078-148X]
Case Reports & Clinical Practice Review [1507-6164]
Case Reports in Anesthesiology [2090-6382]
Case Reports in Cardiology [2090-6404]
Case Reports in Critical Care [2090-6420]
Case Reports in Dentistry [2090-6447]
Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine [2090-6463]
Case reports in dermatology [1662-6567]
Case Reports in Emergency Medicine [2090-648X]
Case Reports in Endocrinology [2090-6501]
Case reports in gastroenterology [1662-0631]
Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine [2090-6528]
Case Reports in Genetics [2090-6544]
Case Reports in Hematology [2090-6560]
Case Reports in Hepatology [2090-6587]
Case Reports in Immunology [2090-6609]
Case Reports in Infectious Diseases [2090-6625]
Case Reports in Medicine [1687-9627]
Case Reports in Nephrology [2090-6641]
Case Reports in Nephrology and Urology
Case Reports in Neurological Medicine [2090-6668]
Case reports in neurology [1662-680X]
Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology [2090-6684]
Case Reports in Oncological Medicine [2090-6706]
Case reports in oncology [1662-6575]
Case Reports in Ophthalmological Medicine [2090-6722]
Case Reports in Ophthalmology [1663-2699]
Case Reports in Orthopedics [2090-6749]
Case Reports in Otolaryngology [2090-6765]
Case Reports in Pathology [2090-6781]
Case Reports in Pediatrics [2090-6803]
Case Reports in Psychiatry [2090-682X]
Case Reports in Pulmonology [2090-6846]
Case Reports in Radiology [2090-6862]
Case Reports in Rheumatology [2090-6889]
Case Reports in Surgery [2090-6900]
Case Reports in Transplantation [2090-6943]
Case Reports in Urology [2090-696X]
Case Reports in Vascular Medicine [2090-6986]
Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine [2090-7001]
Case studies in business, industry and government statistics [2152-372X]
Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis [2213-2902]
Case studies in strategic communication [2167-1974]
Case Western Reserve journal of international law [0008-7254]
Case Western Reserve law review [0008-7262]
Casebook [1366-4409]
CASEpaper - London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion [1460-5023]
Cases in public health communication and marketing [1943-0205]
Cases journal [1757-1626]
Casey Weekly Berwick
Casey Weekly Cranbourne
CASH AND CARRY [0045-5903]
CASH daily [1661-8424]
CASH (Dutch)
CASH (French)
Cashflow news
Casino International [1467-9175]
Casino journal [1087-2736]
Casino journal [1535-2110]
Casinos [1040-9920]
Časopis pro pěstování matematiky [0528-2195]
Časopis pro pěstování matematiky a fysiky [1802-114X]
Casopis Slezskeho Zemskeho Muzea Serie A Vedy Prirodni [1211-3026]
Časopis za kritiko znanosti [0351-4285]
Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research [2251-9114]
CASRIP Newsletter
CASS - Jahresbericht - Annual Report
Castanea [0008-7475]
Il castello di Elsinore [0394-9389]
Castilla : Estudios de Literatura [1989-7383]
Castle Brands, Inc. SWOT Analysis
Častnaâ žiznʹ [1563-3810]
Casual bulletin [0814-8288]
Casual living [0740-8285]
Casualty Actuarial Society forum [1046-6487]
CAT magazine [0014-4002]
Cataalog Age i.merchant Supplement
Catal news: the newsletter of the Catalhoyuk Research Project
Catalan historical review [2013-407X]
Catalan journal of linguistics [1695-6885]
Catalan working papers in linguistics [1132-256X]
Catalana : revista setmanal
Çatalhöyük Archive Report
Catalina Islander (Avalon, CA)
Catalog age [0740-3119]
Catalog Age Consumer Survey Supplement
Catalog Age Direct Sourcebook
Catalog Age i.merchant Supplement
Catalog Age (Online Exclusive)
Catalog Age US Business Survey Supplement
Catalog success [1524-2307]
Cataloging & classification quarterly [0163-9374]
Cataloging service bulletin [0160-8029]
Catalogue de l'ONGC [1180-1727]
Catalogue / William Reese Company
Catalònia : periòdic nacionalista lliberal
Catalunya recerca [1695-6303]
Catalysis communications [1566-7367]
Catalysis in industry [2070-0504]
Catalysis letters [1011-372X]
Catalysis reviews. Science and engineering [0161-4940]
Catalysis Science & Technology [2044-4753]
Catalysis surveys from Asia [1571-1013]
Catalysis today [0920-5861]
Catalyst [1539-3410]
Catalyst [1544-158X]
Catalyst [2160-1844]
The Catalyst [0008-767X]
The catalyst [0730-711X]
The catalyst [2151-9390]
Catalyst (2002) [1554-158X]
Catalyst 2002
Catalyst; Carlsbad
Catalyst Chicago [1939-3660]
Catalyst Ohio
Catalysts [2073-4344]
Catalysts & catalysed reactions [1474-9173]
Cataract & refractive surgery today [1541-5619]
Catechist [0008-7726]
Catedra Corona [1657-477X]
Catedral tomada [2169-0847]
Catena [0341-8162]
Caterer & hotelkeeper [0008-7777]
Caterham Advertiser
Caterham Mirror
Catering magazine [1098-089X]
Catering Update [0269-7696]
Catesbeiana [0892-0761]
The CATESOL journal [1535-0517]
CATESOL news [1070-387X]
Cather studies [1045-9871]
Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis [0098-6569]
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions [1522-1946]
The Catholic answer [1044-1581]
The Catholic Biblical Quarterly [0008-7912]
Catholic digest [0008-7998]
Catholic education [1097-9638]
The Catholic historical review [0008-8080]
The Catholic lawyer [0008-8137]
Catholic new times [0701-0788]
The Catholic social science review [1091-0905]
Catholic University law review [0008-8390]
Catholic Update
The Catholic World [1042-3494]
The Catholic world [0008-848X]
Catholica [0008-8501]
CATLyst [1834-7452]
Cato Journal [0273-3072]
Cato policy report [0743-605X]
Cato Supreme Court review [1936-0398]
Catoblepas : Revista crítica del presento [1579-3974]
Cats magazine [0008-8544]
CATTech [1384-6566]
The Cattleman [0008-8552]
Caucasian regional studies [1027-8540]
Caucasian review of international affairs [1865-6773]
Caucasus survey
Caulfield Glen Eira/Port Philip Leader [1169-3563]
Caulfield Glen Eira/Port Phillip Leader
Cauriensia: Revista Anual de Ciencias Eclesiásticas [1886-4945]
Cause and Consequences of the Trade Deficit: An Overview
Cause/effect [0164-534X]
CAUT Bulletin [0834-9614]
The cavalier daily [0008-8609]
Cavanillesia: Rerum Botanicarum Acta [0213-2141]
Cave archaeology & palaeontology research archive [1467-8837]
CAWCR technical report [1835-9884]
CAXTONIAN [0008-8641]
Cayapa [1317-5734]
Cayman Islands Adventure Guide
Cayman Net News
CB Newsletter
CB Richard Ellis Group, Inc SWOT Analysis
CBA record [0892-1822]
CBA Reports
CBC News
CBCP monitor
CBE life sciences education [1931-7913]
CBI Newsletter
CBL Journal - Cyberbanking & Law
CBMH. Criminal behaviour and mental health [0957-9664]
CBMR digest [1043-1241]
CBN Weekly (Chinese Language - Traditional) [1674-2168]
CBS Evening News
CBS Evening News with Dan Rather
CBS Evening News with John Roberts
CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
CBS Morning News
CBS News: 48 Hours
CBS News: 60 Minutes
CBS News: 60 Minutes II
CBS News: CBS This Morning
CBS News: Evening News
CBS News: Evening News - Saturday
CBS News: Evening News - Sunday
CBS news extra: O.J. in black and white
CBS News: Face the Nation
CBS News: Morning News
CBS news: presidential debate
CBS news special: A capitol hill tribute
CBS news special program
CBS news special program/Bob Simon: back to Baghdad
CBS News special report [0361-3135]
CBS News: Sunday Morning
CBS News: The Osgood File
CBS News: The Saturday Early Show
CBS News Transcripts
CBS news: vice presidential debate
CBS NEWSLETTER [0169-6289]
CBS observer [1903-4091]
CBS reports: 1968
CBS reports: D-day
CBS reports: Enter the jury room
CBS reports: Faith & politics: the christian right
CBS reports: Hitler & Stalin
CBS reports: In the killing fields of America
CBS reports: Legacy of shame
CBS reports: Murrow versus McCarthy
CBS reports: Schwarzkopf IN Vietnam
CBS reports: Space: Last frontier or lost frontier?
CBS reports: THE GULF WAR + 5
CBS special: Farewell to a princess
CBS special news report
CBS special report: showdown in the gulf
CBS Sunday Night News
CC: Critical Computing
CC News
CCAHTE: Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education [1911-9755]
CCAMLR science [1023-4063]
CCC. Cancer causes & control [0957-5243]
CCD Astronomy [1074-875X]
CCI newsletter [1180-3223]
CCI notes [0714-6221]
CCI Zeitung [1863-3447]
CCPA monitor [1198-497X]
CCPR: Economy of Russia: anti-crisis policy, markets, finance (Russian Language)
CCPR: Guiding Lines in Russia
CCPR: Insight and Hearsay of the Week in Russia: forecast, probable developments and threats (Russian Language)
CCPR: Key Events of the Week in Russia
CCPR: Russian Foreign Policy: interests, instruments, strategies
CCPR: Russian Politics: powers, conflicts and lobbying
CCPR: Russian Regions: elections, property and power (Russian Language)
CCPR: The Plot of the Coming Week
CCTV today [1352-2272]
The CCWH newsletter [1097-2390]
CD computing news [0893-4843]
CD-ROM professional [1049-0833]
CD-ROM Professional ( RDS Business and Management Practices - Selected Documents )
CDA - Condizionamento dell'aria, riscaldamento e refrigerazione [1826-9761]
CDA Investnet insiders' chronicle [1074-0139]
CDA journal of the California Dental Association [0746-424X]
CDE working paper [0891-2874]
CdM express [1710-5765]
CDMA World Focus [1467-1034]
CDNLAO newsletter [0914-6601]
CDR weekly [1350-9357]
CDRI working paper series
CDROM databases [0897-3296]
CDS research report [1385-9218]
测绘学报/#/測繪學報 [1001-1595]
CEA forum [0007-8034]
CEAS Aeronautical Journal [1869-5582]
CEAS Space Journal [1868-2502]
CEBE Transactions [1745-0322]
CEBU Monthly Fact Sheet ( Asia Africa Intelligence Wire )
Cebu Monthly Factsheet
CED [1044-2871]
CED Buyer's Guide Supplement
CED in Depth Supplement
CED Plant Management Supplement
CEDEFOP info [1026-6259]
CEDEFOP info [1606-2787]
CEDEFOP info [1606-2817]
Çedille [1699-4949]
CEDRO: boletin informativo [1317-1135]
CEE news [1045-2710]
CEE Quarterly / Bank Austria Creditanstalt. Dt. Ausgabe
CEE Report
CEF quarterly [1653-4212]
CeGE-Discussion Paper [1439-2305]
CEI Asia
CEIBA [0008-8692]
CEIC Matrix
CEIC Snapshot
Célánen: A Journal of Indigenous Governance [1708-525X]
CELE échanges
CELE exchange [2072-7925]
CELE Exchange. Centre for Effective Learning Environments
Celebratio Mathematica
Celebrite [1968-0562]
Celestial mechanics & dynamical astronomy [0923-2958]
Celestinesca [0147-3085]
CELEX EU Law Database: Legislation
CELEX EU Law Database: National Provisions Implementing Directives
CELEX EU Law Database: Treaties
CELEX European Union Cases
Cell [0092-8674]
Cell adhesion & migration [1933-6918]
Cell and tissue banking [1389-9333]
Cell and tissue biology [1990-519X]
Cell and tissue research [0302-766X]
Cell biochemistry and biophysics [1085-9195]
Cell biochemistry and function [0263-6484]
Cell biology and toxicology [0742-2091]
Cell biology education [1536-7509]
Cell biology international [1065-6995]
Cell Biology International Reports [2041-5346]
Cell & Bioscience [2045-3701]
Cell calcium [0143-4160]
Cell & chromosome [1475-9268]
Cell communication & adhesion [1541-9061]
Cell communication and signaling [1478-811X]
Cell cycle [1538-4101]
Cell Death and Differentiation [1350-9047]
Cell Death & Disease [2041-4889]
Cell division [1747-1028]
Cell door magazine
Cell health and cytoskeleton [1179-1330]
Cell host & microbe [1931-3128]
Cell Journal (Yakhteh) [2228-5806]
Cell medicine [2155-1790]
Cell metabolism [1550-4131]
Cell motility and the cytoskeleton [0886-1544]
Cell proliferation [0960-7722]
Cell Regeneration
Cell regulation [1044-2030]
Cell Reports [2211-1247]
Cell research [1001-0602]
Cell stem cell [1934-5909]
Cell stress & chaperones [1355-8145]
Cell Structure and Function [0386-7196]
Cell Therapy News
Cell & tissue research [0302-766X]
Cell transplantation [0963-6897]
Cells [2073-4409]
Cells and materials [1051-6794]
Cells tissues organs [1422-6405]
Cellular and molecular bioengineering [1865-5025]
Cellular and molecular life sciences [1420-682X]
Cellular and molecular neurobiology [0272-4340]
Cellular Business [0741-6520]
Cellular immunology [0008-8749]
Cellular marketing [0890-2402]
Cellular microbiology [1462-5814]
Cellular & mobile international [1054-7703]
Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters [1425-8153]
Cellular & Molecular Immunology [1672-7681]
Cellular Oncology [2211-3428]
Cellular oncology [1570-5870]
Cellular physiology and biochemistry [1015-8987]
Cellular polymers [0262-4893]
Cellular signalling [0898-6568]
Cellular therapy and transplantation [1867-416X]
Cellulose [0969-0239]
Cellulose Chemistry and Technology [0576-9787]
Cels / Way [1407-7841]
Celtic cultural studies [1468-6074]
CEM. Centre d'études médiévales d'Auxerre [1623-5770]
CEM : Cultura, Espaço & Memória [2182-1097]
Cement Americas [1533-5178]
Cement and concrete research [0008-8846]
Cement, concrete and aggregates [0149-6123]
Cement & concrete composites [0958-9465]
CEMFI Working Papers / Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros, Madrid
CEMLA boletín [0186-7229]
CEMLA boletín mensual [0008-9958]
CEN Case Reports
Censorship news [0749-6001]
Censure of the President by the Congress
Census Briefs: International Reports
Census of child care services / Department of Family and Community Services
Census of population and housing publications [0334-1305]
Census update [1320-2758]
Centaur Communications Ltd
Centaurus [0008-8994]
The Center & Clark Newsletter
Center conversations [1536-0814]
Center Discussion Paper / Economic Growth Center
Center for Migration Studies special issues [2050-411X]
Center for Rural Affairs [1085-4975]
Center house bulletin [0098-809X]
Center ... record of activities and research reports [1557-198X]
Center research reports and record of activities [0737-7010]
Centerline [1559-9752]
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Documents / FIND
Centers for Disease Control Documents
CentoPagine: Rivista elettronica internazionale che raccoglie i contributi resi nei Seminari sulla continuità dell'antico
Central America update [1054-8882]
Central American Report
Central and Eastern Europe Legal Texts
Central Asia Business News
Central Asia Caucasus Analyst
Central Asia & Caucasus Business Report
Central Asia & Caucasus Business Weekly
Central Asia & Caucasus Business Weekly [1073-2638]
Central Asia General Newswire
Central Asia News [1608-5124]
Central Asia News (Russian Language)
Central Asia's Security: Issues and Implications for U.S. Interests
Central Asian survey [0263-4937]
Central Bank of Jordan: Monthly Statistical Bulletin
Central Bank of Montenegro Annual Report [1800-6639]
Central bank review [1303-0701]
Central Bank Watch (English)
Central Bank Watch (Portuguese)
Central Banking [0960-6319]
Central Banks
Central Business
Central California Poetry Journal, The
Central Chronicle
Central Coast Express [1220-9762]
Central Coast Express Advocate
Central Coast Express Advocate [1443-4962]
Central Coast herald [1447-7602]
Central & Eastern European review [1752-7503]
Central Eurasian studies review [1538-5043]
Central Europe [1479-0963]
Central Europe Banking & Finance Weekly
Central Europe Energy Weekly
Central Europe IT & Telecom Weekly
Central Europe News
Central European [0962-2543]
Central European Business Review [1805-4854]
Central European Distribution Corporation SWOT Analysis
Central European economic review [1025-7969]
Central European History [0008-9389]
Central European Journal of Biology [1895-104X]
Central European Journal of Chemistry [1895-1066]
Central European journal of economic modelling and econometrics [2080-0886]
Central European Journal of Geosciences [2081-9900]
Central-European journal of immunology [1426-3912]
Central European Journal of International & Security Studies [1802-548X]
Central European Journal of Mathematics [1895-1074]
Central European Journal of Medicine [1895-1058]
Central European journal of operations research [1435-246X]
Central European Journal of Physics [1895-1082]
Central European journal of public health [1210-7778]
Central European Journal of Public Policy [1802-4866]
Central European Journal of Urology [2080-4806]
Central European Monthly
Central European Weekly
Central Garden & Pet Company SWOT Analysis
Central government debt. Statistical yearbook [1996-2371]
Central India Journal of Dental Sciences [2248-9045]
Central nervous system agents in medicinal chemistry [1871-5249]
Central News Agency
Central News Agency Chinese News
Central News Agency CNA Taiwan
Central News Agency Commercial News
Central News Agency English News
Central News Agency - Taiwan
Central & North Burnett Times
Central & North Burnett Times (Kingaroy, Australia) [0729-5707]
Central Office Of Information (Hermes Database)
Central Penn business journal [1058-3599]
Central Pennsylvania Business Month
Central Queensland News
Central Queensland News (Emerald, Australia)
Central Somerset Gazette [0963-2832]
Central (Sydney)
Central Telegraph
Central Telegraph (Biloela, Australia)
Central Western Daily
The Centralian Advocate [1447-1647]
Centralnaja Azija [1402-6627]
Centralnaya gazeta, Ulan-Ude (Russian Language)
Centre Antipoison Magazine
Centre daily times [0745-483X]
Centre de développement de l'OCDE - Repères
Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la formation et la profession enseignante du CRIFPE [1718-8237]
Centre de Recherches en Physique des Plasmas
Centre for Emotional Well-Being ( Newstex Blogs )
Centre on Aging news [0826-4694]
Centre Presse [0241-3078]
Centre words [2046-293X]
Centrepiece : newsletter of the Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre [1920-8820]
Centres de la petite enfance, règles budgétaires [1493-695X]
Centro Agrícola [0253-5785]
Centro azúcar [0253-5777]
Centro di studi di estimo e di economia territoriale. Aestimum [1592-6095]
Centro journal [1538-6279]
centrum informationis totius ordinis carmelitarum
Centrum voor Sociaal Beleid. Berichten
The Century
Century of Markets
The Century of Markets
The Century of Markets ( Policy Papers )
Century Weekly (Chinese Language - Simplified)
Century Weekly (Chinese Language - Traditional)
CEO Wire
CEOCIO China Online
CEP Discussion Paper
CEP Occasional Paper
CEP Research
CEPAL review [0251-2920]
CEPAOS review [1533-6476]
Cephalalgia [0333-1024]
CEPMLP annual review : the Dundee yearbook of international resources & energy law & policy [1369-8931]
CEPR bulletin (Centre for Economic Policy Research) [0256-7996]
CEPS European Neighbourhood Watch
CEPS Journal - Center for Educational Policy Studies Journal [1855-9719]
CEPS Policy Briefs
CEQ Bulletin
CEQ Visual Data CEQ Briefing
CER Bulletin
Ceramic industry [0009-0220]
Cerâmica [0366-6913]
Ceramics, Art and Perception [1035-1841]
Ceramics in America [1533-7154]
Ceramics international [0272-8842]
Ceramics monthly [0009-0328]
Ceramics-Silikáty [0862-5468]
Ceramics technical [1324-4175]
Ceramurgia international [0390-5519]
CERC Working Papers Series
Cercetări agronomice în Moldova [0379-5837]
Cercles [1292-8968]
Cereal chemistry [0009-0352]
Cereal rusts and powdery mildews bulletin [1013-8609]
Cereals and oilseeds review [1492-4048]
Cerebellum [1473-4222]
Cerebral cortex [1047-3211]
Cérebro & mente [1414-3690]
Cerebrospinal Fluid [1868-8268]
Cerebrospinal fluid research [1743-8454]
Cerebrovascular diseases [1015-9770]
Cerebrovascular Diseases Extra [1664-5456]
Cerebrum [1524-6205]
Ceriscope [2115-4856]
Cerise Press [1946-5262]
CERN courier [0304-288X]
Cerne [0104-7760]
CeROArt [1784-5092]
Cerrahi Sanatlar Dergisi [1308-0709]
Certification magazine [1529-6903]
Certified Letter
Certified organic [1940-8870]
Cervantes [0277-6995]
Cervantes. Revista del Instituto Cervantes de Bremen
Cervical cancer screening in New South Wales . . . annual statistical report
CES Discussion Paper Series / Center for Economic Studies, Leuven
Ces medicina [0120-8705]
CES medicina veterinaria y zootecnia [1900-9607]
CES odontología [0120-971X]
CES Revista Psicologia [2011-3080]
CES Working Papers [2067-7693]
CESifo Bulletin (formerly: CES Journal Online )
CESifo DICE report [1612-0663]
CESifo economic studies [1610-241X]
CESifo forum [1615-245X]
CESifo working paper series [1617-9595]
CESifo Working Papers
CESifo world economic survey [2190-720X]
Česká mysl [1210-034X]
Ceskoslovenska Psychologie [0009-062X]
Český dialog
CEU Economics Working Papers / Economics Department, Central European University
CEU political science journal [1992-3147]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings [1613-0073]
CEVA Group Plc SWOT Analysis
Cevisama news
Ceylon journal of science. Biological sciences [0069-2379]
Ceylon medical journal [0009-0875]
CF: Conference On Computing Frontiers
CFA magazine [1543-1398]
CFD Letters [2180-1363]
CFE working paper series [1403-6754]
CFO [1325-9407]
CFO [8756-7113]
CFO Alert [1094-8961]
CFO alert [0894-4822]
CFO Insight [2194-1408]
CFO magazine [1567-9101]
CFR. Carpet flooring retail [1471-8162]
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
CFS-news [1066-8152]
CFS Squared
CFSP forum
CGA magazine [0318-742X]
CGI: Computer Graphics International
CGIAR annual report [1564-6904]
CGO: Code Generation and Optimization
CH working papers [1205-5743]
Cha: An Asian Literary Journal [1999-5032]
CHA Bulletin [1184-9657]
Chadic newsletter [1618-7369]
Chafer Theological Seminary Journal
Chaillot Papers / European Union Institute for Security Studies [1017-7566]
Chain [1076-0520]
Chain drug review [0164-9914]
Chain leader [1528-4999]
Chain-reaction [0312-1372]
Chain Store Age [1087-0601]
Chain Store Age Channel Surfing Supplement
Chain Store Age Electrical System Prototype
Chain store age executive fax [1079-6428]
Chain Store Age Executive Global Retailing: Assignment Latin America
Chain store age executive with Shopping center age [0193-1199]
Chain store age. General merchandise group [0193-1350]
Chain store age. General merchandise trends [0885-050X]
Chain Store Age Global Powers of Retailing Supplement
Chain Store Age Global Retailing Assignment Eastern Europe
Chain Store Age Global Retailing Supplement
Chain Store Age Global Retailing Supplement (Ernst & Young)
Chain Store Age Improved Inventory Management Supplement
Chain Store Age Improving Customer Service Through Inventory Management
Chain Store Age Inventory Management Supplement
Chain Store Age (Japanese Language)
Chain Store Age Shopping Chicago Supplement
Chain Store Age State of the Inudustry Supplement
Chain store age supermarkets [0069-2395]
Chain Store Age The Virtual Summit Supplement
Chalcid Forum
Chalcogenide Letters [1584-8663]
Challenge [0577-5132]
Challenge [0745-6298]
Challenge [0792-4143]
Challenge [1077-193X]
Challenge and Potential for Assuring Quality Health Care for the 21st Century
The Challenge and Potential for Assuring Quality Health Care for the 21st Century
The Challenge and Potential for Assuring Quality Health Care for the 21st Century ( Policy Papers )
Challenge Europe
Challenge Newsline
Challenger Wave
Challengers '96-A Washington Week In Review Special Series
The Challengers '96-A Washington Week In Review Special Series ( Burrelle's Transcripts )
Challenges [1058-4773]
Challenges [1816-7543]
Challenges [2078-1547] (French Language)
Challenges in Communicating Genetics: A Public Health Approach
Challenges of the Knowledge Society [2068-7796]
Champ pénal [1777-5272]
Champagne-Kamerad, Der : Feldzeitung der 3. Armee
The Champion [0744-9488]
Chance [0933-2480]
Chandler Beat [East Valley Tribune, Mesa, Arizona - BLOG]
Change [0009-1383]
Change: Das Magazin der Bertelsmann-Stiftung
Change in higher education [0363-6291]
Change of Subject [Chicago Tribune - BLOG]
Changemakers Journal
Changing English [1358-684X]
Changing Pressures bulletin
Changing times [0009-143X]
Changing Work Organization in Small Manufacturers: Challenges for Economic Development
Channel business [1493-9088]
Channel DLS [0146-1095]
channel-e: Online Magazin für Elektronik
Channel Insider
Channel, The
Channel NewsAsia
Channel NewsAsia (Chinese Language - Traditional)
Channel Partner Spain
Channels [1933-6950]
CHANT news
The Chanticleer
Chantiers Historiques en Alsace
Chaos [1054-1500]
Chaos, solitons & fractals [0960-0779]
Chapel Hill Herald
Chapel Hill News, The (NC)
Chaplaincy today [1099-9183]
Chapman Law Review
Chapter & Verse : A Journal of Popular Music and Literature Studies
Chard & Ilminster News
Charente Libre
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin / Amtliches Mitteilungsblatt
The Chariton review [0098-9452]
Charity times [1355-4573]
The Charleston advisor [1525-4011]
Charleston Daily Mail
The Charleston Gazette
Charleston law review [1934-4473]
Charleston magazine [0162-2722]
Charlie Rose Show
Charlie Rose Show
The Charlie Rose Show
Charlie Rose Show : Transcripts
Charlotte Observer, The (NC)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman Newsletter
Charlottesville Business Journal
Chart [0069-2778]
Charte sociale européenne. Conclusions
Charter [1035-0748]
Chartered Accountant, The
Chartered accountants journal of New Zealand [1172-9929]
Charting the Mental Health Status and Service Needs of Children: Recommendations from the UNOCCAP Oversight Board
Chartist [0968-7866]
Chas pik
Chasqui [0145-8973]
The Chat [0009-1987]
Châtelaine [0317-2635]
Chatelaine; English edition [0009-1995]
Chatfield News (Minnesota), The
Chatham daily news [0844-0654]
Chatham Daily News (Ontario)
Chatham this week [1185-5614]
Chatham This Week (Ontario, Canada)
The Chattahoochee review [0741-9155]
Chattahoochee Tracings
Chattahoochee Tracings
Chattanooga Is Home ( Newstex Blogs )
Chattanooga Times Free Press
The Chaucer review [0009-2002]
The Chazen web journal of international business [1548-6133]
Chazen Web Journal of International Business, The
CHE Latest News
Cheadle Post and Times
Cheadle Post & Times
Cheboksarskaya pravda
Chechenskoe obshchestvo segodnia
Check list [1809-127X]
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd SWOT Analysis
Check.punkt / The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in the Palestinian Territories
A checklist of official publications of the State of New York [0077-9296]
Checkout [0790-438X]
Checks & checking [1046-4956]
Cheddar Valley gazette [0963-2867]
Cheese market news [0891-1509]
Cheese reporter [0009-2142]
Chef [1087-061X]
Chef magazine [0009-2150]
Chelmsford Weekly News
Chelninskie izvestia
Chelonian conservation and biology [1071-8443]
Chelyabinskaya nedelya
Chelyabinskaya sluzhba informacii
Chelyabinskij rabochij
Chelys [0952-8407]
Chem-Bio Informatics Journal [1347-6297]
Chem & bio news [1932-0965]
Chem Inform [0931-7597]
Chemanager [0947-4188]
CHEManager Europe
CHEManager (German Language)
ChemBioChem [1439-4227] [1932-1023]
ChemCatChem [1867-3880]
ChemElectroChem [2196-0216]
Chemia analityczna [0009-2223]
Der chemica sinica [0976-8505]
Chemical and biochemical engineering quarterly [0352-9568]
Chemical and petroleum engineering [0009-2355]
Chemical biology & drug design [1747-0277]
Chemical Bulletin of Kazakh National University [1563-0331]
Chemical bulletin of the "Politehnica" University of Timișoara [1224-6018]
Chemical Business [0731-8774]
Chemical Business Newsbase
Chemical Business of India [0970-3136]
Chemical & Chemistry
Chemical & Chemistry Business
Chemical communications (1965) [0577-6058]
Chemical communications (London. 1996) [1359-7345]
Chemical Daily
Chemical Daily News
Chemical disarmament [1728-3892]
Chemical Education International
Chemical educator [1430-4171]
The chemical engineer [0302-0797]
Chemical engineering [0009-2460]
Chemical engineering and processing [0255-2701]
Chemical engineering communications [0098-6445]
Chemical & engineering data series [0095-9146]
Chemical engineering education [0009-2479]
Chemical engineering in Australia [0157-9762]
Chemical engineering journal [1385-8947]
The chemical engineering journal [0300-9467]
Chemical engineering journal and the biochemical engineering journal [0923-0467]
Chemical & engineering news [0009-2347]
Chemical engineering progress [0360-7275]
Chemical engineering research and design [0263-8762]
Chemical engineering research bulletin [0379-7678]
Chemical engineering science [0009-2509]
Chemical engineering & technology [0930-7516]
Chemical equipment [0009-2525]
Chemical fibers international [1434-3584]
Chemical gazette [1035-9877]
Chemical geology [0009-2541]
Chemical geology. Isotope geoscience section [0168-9622]
Chemical hazards in industry [0265-5721]
Chemical health & safety [1074-9098]
Chemical heritage [1066-5315]
Chemical incident report [1364-4106]
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly [1451-9372]
Chemical Industry Digest [0971-5266]
Chemical informatics letters [1752-0010]
Chemical information bulletin [0364-1910]
Chemical innovation [1527-4799]
Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities [1000-9213]
Chemical journal on Internet [1523-1623]
Chemical literature [0364-1929]
Chemical market reporter [1092-0110]
Chemical Market Reporter Outlook-The 21st Century Supplement
Chemical marketing reporter [0090-0907]
The Chemical monitor [1049-1015]
Chemical News & Intelligence
chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin [0009-2363]
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